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Midbrain Activation is spreading like cancer!

Midbrain Activation is spreading like cancer!

Midbrain Activation is spreading like cancer!

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By Narendra Nayak

Mangaluru, Dec 1, 2017: The disease of blind folded seeing as a display of supernatural power is nothing new to mankind. In fact it was not a part of magic at all! It was added on in the 19th century or so when some ‘mediums’ started ‘communicating’ with spirits allegedly with blind folds. To debunk them this item was brought into magic. Magicians have been showing such tricks as a part of their repertoire just to entertain people with their skills. They use quite a few props including trick blind folds, real ones and so on. Their purpose is to entertain but never to project themselves as having supernatural powers. The first time I came across this was when a teenager called Ranjana Agarwal was projected as one with supernatural powers by the media. A confrontation with her( or rather her ambitious scheming mother) is here. (Exposing The “Miracle” Of Blindfolded Sight- The Story of Ranjana Agarwal) The tragedy was that she was also sporting a testimonial given by the govt. of India that she could see “when blind folded”!

Midbrain Activation

My exposure was followed by a lot of debate and finally she receded into the shadows. The tragedy was that none of the TV anchors who brought her fame(or notoriety) bothered to put a fool proof blind fold on her. When I was invited to a TV show which was live, I was told all the time that I would be given an opportunity to check her up to the end of the show and when my turn came I could see her mother signaling to her and suddenly she developed pain in her eyes and started shedding copious tears. This made me furious and I gave a dressing down to the anchor and her mother. There are hundreds of comments about this incident.

A few years later I found that this ‘blind folded seeing’ had assumed the proportions of a racket with thousands of shops teaching it under a new label called as midbrain activation. More about it here (The ’Miracle’ of blind folded seeing exposed). The new scamsters later on changed the name to whole brain development, brain balancing and so on to avoid getting exposed when midbrain activation was googled! They also brought in alleged ‘testimonials’ from ophthalmologists which made me make a sarcastic press note which can be seen here (Nobel prize for medicine for 2018 to be shared by two Indians). Some called it as third eye activation like Nityananda of the bedroom videos fame and he was challenged too. His scam had reached new dimensions with claims that thousands would be ‘third eye activated’ at one time and so on. So we challenged him here (Rationalists question Nitayananda’s ‘blindfolding’ acts for children). Though threats have been made by his followers that they would expose us nothing much has happened though a week has elapsed!

Midbrain ActivationSo far this process had been confined to children. But, now it has progressed on to adults. The latest in this is that we see allegedly qualified people stepping into this quackery. One Dr. Shyam Nagpal allegedly a plastic surgeon has stepped into the field organizing a work shop at Delhi promising a variety of things in three days including midbrain activation, training in anatomy(which the Medical Council of India- the fools they are take a year to teach MBBS students) Midbrain Activation and Third Eye Activation Workshop on 1st 2nd & 3rd Dec. by Dr. Shyam Nagpal

About the Facilitator: Healing takes many different shapes, colors and forms. Being a MBBS, MS & Teacher of Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Surgery, something was missing from my life, but wasn’t able to recognize it or open to it. I am having a history of healers in the family which is traveling through DNA. My spiritual healing abilities have moved myself closer to my highest and true self.

"Healing" is not only about making the journey from sickness to health, or disease to wellness, healing is about these things but it is also so much more. Healing involves moving along the path of aligning with purpose, freedom, and your highest potential."

I work on various modalities like Astrology, Vedic, KP Naadi, Cil Bhrigu Nandi, Numerology, Hypnotherapy into Past Life Regression, Inner Child, Psychic and Psychic Healer, Access Bars, Theta Healing, Switchwords, Money Attraction Programs, Akashic Records, Mid - Brain Activation and Subconscious Mind Programming and Grand Master of Reiki. I also conduct workshops in all over India over two decades.

In this powerful, dynamic workshop, Dr. Shyam Nagpal will open the portal to the 5th Dimension, reconnecting you to Source Energy and activating your Third Eye as a crucial element to ascension.

mid brain third eye

Dr. Shyam Nagpal guides you and gives you tools to open your Third Eye, including a specialized technique as well as dynamic meditations to activate the Pineal Gland.
• Knowledge of Hypnosis
• Quick revision of the Hypnotic Modalities
• Brief Anatomy of Mid Brain
• Understanding Pineal Gland and its function
• Various exercises to activate Mid Brain
• Activation of Pineal Gland
• Theories, demos and practical
• Visualising far off
• In time and space
• Universal Issues conveyed by Past, Present and Future
• Physhic Healing
• Understanding of Universe and Human Being
• How Energy Flows
• How does human Subconscious Mind picks energies and execute in physical world
• Understanding of Hypnosis
• Brief about structure of Human Brain
• Operative Brain, Passive Brain and Intuitive Brain
• Activation of Left and Right Brain
• Activation of Midbrain
• Detailed discussion of Pineal Gland
• Activation of Atrophied or Dormant Cells or The Forgotten Pineal Gland
• Intuition Visions
• Visualising in time and space
• Karma and Karmic Reaction
• Various exercises to activate Mid Brain and Pineal Gland
• Copying the Own Soul
• Travel in time and space
• Diseases and events related to Life Energy
• Subconscious Mind Programming
• Anatomy of Human Body
• Correlation of Mind, Body and Soul
• Role of various tools to heal and rectify neutralise the Karmic Reaction started any time and in any birth in the universe
• Enhanced psychic and healing abilities
• Sharpened intuition
• Accelerated wisdom and learning

Workshop Schedule: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Dec. 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Energy Exchange: Rs. 25,000/- Early Bird Discount till 25th November Rs. 23,000/-

At the end of workshop candidate will be fully trained with all techniques discussed above

These had been brought to the attention of the MCI with a request to let us know whether these techniques could be practiced by a Doctor registered with them. It had been done yesterday by an email addressed to its president Dr. Jayashree Mehta. Though there has been no reply to the letter a call to the number of Dr.Shyam Nagpal was taken by him on the 1st December at around 6.30 am and on enquiry it was said that the work shop had been cancelled! I would request you to kind verify this yourself from his cell no. +919810160187.

Wonder why the authorities are silent about such workshops by allegedly qualified people who are taking the public for a ride with such fancy titles! That too a surgeon registered with the Medical Council of India as a Professor in a Medical College! Wonder whether he would be teaching the same stuff to his students or practicing it on his patients!

Prof. Narendra Nayak is President of Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations.



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