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Sunday, May 26
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About Us

For over seventeen years, Mangalore Today-English Monthly has always been a readers’ delight. It has carved out a niche for itself being the only English Monthly of Coastal Karnataka in India. It has a special place in the heart of the people of South Kanara living all over the country and abroad. It has been a part of the development process of the region, witnessing as well as chronicling its ups and downs, moments of joy, tragedies and agonies.

While attributing the credit to our innumerous readers, admirers, friends and well wishers, we cannot forget the several talents and spirited youngsters who have been part of our team over the years contributing to the success of the magazine. ‘Mangalore Today’ is forging ahead with strong determination; pro-active to the burning problems and issues of the region without malice and compromise.

To reach more readers and information seekers around the world, we took this incarnation -

Unlike our distinguished Magazine, is a communique covering daily news, trends, opinions, current affairs and more. The site is updated every hour, every day. It is our endeavor to keep the portal informative as well as interactive and up to date hourly.

We are riding the wave since three years reaching out to more and more readers and information seekers. Through our stories and investigative journalism, we have explored political, administrative, economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects of the region. We have carried out reality checks on public projects and institutions and pointed out flaws in the system. We have lauded unsung heroes, promoted hidden talents, interviewed the famous and the powerful. We have tried to protect public interests while highlighting issues of public debates and sometimes daringly exposing contentious issues. Indeed, it has been a very exciting and purposeful journey so far. We will continue the spirit of true journalism and serve the community in the times to come.

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Editor and Publisher: V U GEORGE
V U George, who pioneered the city's first English monthly magazine 'Mangalore Today' in 1996 almost singlehandedly running it for the last 17 years despite immense struggles and hardships in maintaining the long term viability of the venture. Under his leadership, the magazine has not only highlighted the burning issues concerning the region, but also has served as a training ground for many young journalists who have succeeded in journalistic careers at the state, national and even international level.

A creative artist and copy writer by profession, George began his career in the media in the late seventies - but on the other side of the divide, namely advertising. He was a pioneer who introduced ‘creative advertising’ in the city long before those words became fashionable and at that time had an accredited Ad agency, a rare achievement even for the present times. In the intervening period, he also produced two acclaimed Malayalam movies and ran a public relations outfit.

In 2009, Mangalore Today launched taking advantage of internet revolution to reach out to more South Kanarites in the country and outside. Today it is one of the most visited portals from this end of the world. The site is updated every hour, every day. The portal far informative as well as interactive than any other sites from this region.

V. U. George has been bestowed with the ‘Karnataka Media Academy Award’ for the year 2010 for his pioneering effort in bringing out ‘Mangalore Today’ English Magazine and ''

Executive Editor: Mahesh Nayak
An Adman by profession, Mahesh Nayak has been with Mangalore Today since its inception. Well known for his creative writing skills and command over English Language, he has been contributing articles and features to many publications. He is a great orator and visiting professor in many Management Institutions. He is a creative consultant to some of the best known Companies in South Kanara.

Associate Editor: Ms. Jayashree Sudhir
A Journalist by profession, Jayashree Sudhir has been with Mangalore Today for over a decade. She has worked as senior reporter and correspondent for a few years with one of the most reputed English Dailies in the state and has been a dedicated journalist for over fifteen years. She is an excellent journalist and can handle both English as well as Kannada Languages.