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Enlarging the Happiness Quotient

Enlarging the Happiness Quotient

Enlarging the Happiness Quotient

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Book Review by I J Saldanha-Shet

Mangalore, Nov 19, 2011: Chennai based Mangalorean Author Dr. Rekha Shetty, famed with five books in her bag already, held a rare "workshop" and  a book reading, on  her recent best seller "Happiness Quotient" at the latest choice venue -the ’Reliance Time Out’ at City Centre Mall, Mangalore. It was a high point for the many book lovers and Management Shishyas. Dr. Rekha Shetty has successfully integrated Western thought with the Eastern ethos of creativity and left a footprint on the sands of life, as all of us  could. It also stresses  that American management is not so good for our Indian principles perhaps to everyone’s agreement. Dr.Shetty has the formula for a perfect blend of  traditions and modernity.  Indian culture and a natural ability to ’think-out-of-the-box’  is a special legacy  of India. Mangaloreans, she feels have excelled in business and management globally.

Happiness Quotient

Well known senior mentor of Canara,  Ramanath Poonja (Ramnathanna) set the mood with his incisive opening remarks. The Chief Guest of the occasion Educationist  and Vice Chancellor of Nitte University Dr.Vinay Hegde, shared with the participants in his landmark sincerity style,  the affection for Dr.Shetty and her marvelous Management Mantras. He said Happiness perception reduces and controls ’stress’ and  gives ’satisfaction’ in life which is absent these days. Physical well being is a big slice of the being happy. He stressed the importance of starting the day right and not hurt people on your way walking with compassion. Riches and money are not the total means to get happiness; the poor too are happy in their own way. Insight that experience  of age can provide is a bonus to the real seeker of happiness, he added.

The Work-shop & Book Reading: 
The Author who held the impressive Mangalorean gathering spell bound for an hour with her lucid Wordsmith’s power and power point presentation with amazing visions into her best seller book afforded a pleasant ’WALK THROUGH’ which compelled all to rush for a copy of the book.  The corporate working language of the book is a special advantage. "The Hi Fi fast track yuppie in an Indianized ’avtar’ with a very ethnic narration, direct, simple and true. "Climb to the mountain and you can see the journey ahead. The outer happiness is not the true one as the inside one can be." The Guru in the book who enunciates the fast track mantras to his ’Shishya’  is referred to as "Sadhumama" and the practical inculturation proves to a point how well suited is Indian management with 52 top of the lot mantras. The alien American insipid model  that confuses the needs of the spicy Indian scenario is left behind.

Dr.Rekha Shetty floated the idea of  ’Try a new life (style)’ and not be hooked onto just a one track life without innovation and interest. The feelings of present day professionals of the ’can’t -do -this-for-long’ thinking is not fitting. KARUNA or Compassion is the key to human progress and also a management mantra of superior thought. One cannot control events,but one can control reaction to events. Physical fitness is vital to happiness, but one need not rely on gyms and formal work outs; it is best to do one’s own chores and take the traditional ways to walk, run and work in the everyday scenarios. Today, the ten commandments are almost superfluous and the chief commandment that is being perfected is "Thou shalt NOT get caught". She literally is concerned and labouring towards spreading an epidemic of Happiness! Adding the need to love our land India  and culture Indian and shine under its great good and blessings. The  special mantra for us is to LOVE INDIA! Having travelled to at least 32 countries;  In her book she suggests practical tests and actions and two points - the ice cube and the apple - she demonstrated  in practical terms.

There has been a buzz about Mangaloreans bringing out some top end books recently and all present were agog of the Books: "Blossom Showers" By Giselle Mehta, "Louis Puchekanna" By Sidney Pinto, "Childhood Daze" By Savitri Babulkar and "The Happiness Quotient" By Dr.Rekha Shetty. All worth a read by one and all the world over.

Powerful Mind - Dr Rekha Shetty:
Happiness QuotientDr. Rekha Shetty is Managing Director of Farstar Distribution Network, a unique consultancy company devoted exclusively to innovation and creativity under the brand name Mindspower.  She consults with some of the Region’s major corporates on long term Innovation Initiatives that involve everyone from doorman to Chairman. Along with husband M Jai Shetty people are made to think out the best course.

She is an author, an entrepreneur and an original thinker. A Ph.D from Madras University, on the subject of innovation. Dr. Rekha Shetty began her career with a brilliant academic record with two university ranks. Her thoughts come from a deep study of many disciplines: Management, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, History and Spirituality.

Popularly known as the Corporate Doctor, Rekha Shetty has created a new tool for Indian Managers to develop the competitive edge: Innovation and Creativity through Mindspower. As a member of the Syndicate of the 200 year old, Anna University, she helped introduce a 40-week programme on innovation for budding engineers.  She is also on the board of studies of the Psychology Department at the Madras University.  She is a faculty of leading business schools for the MBA course like Madras University and Great Lakes Institute of Management and speaks at global seminars on innovation. She has conducted Mindspower programmes worldwide in places as far flung as Siberia, Sri Lanka, Singapore and USA.  She was also awarded the Outstanding Young Person Award by Jaycees. She was invited by the U.S. State Department to be part of an expert team from 10 countries to study the problems and solutions to drug addiction.  A theatre buff, she has also written and directed musicals. Those interested in her poetry may browse her website. She was one of Asia’s first women District Governors for Rotary International and was awarded Rotary’s highest Award – Service above Self.

Her book published by Penguin, “The Zero Heart Attack Path” attracted worldwide attention.  Her second book `Portable Roots’, the trans creation of a Tamil book, was released at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Her third book “Corporate Strategy, Mindspower Innovation” was well received by Indian CEOs. Her fourth book “Innovate! 90 Days To Transform Your Business” released by Penguin is a bestseller. Her fifth book is ‘The Happiness Quotient’ released by Westland Ltd on 8th June 2011. Dr.Rekha says she has beautiful memories of  hundreds of trips to Mangalore over the years and as the ball gets rolling she hopes to bring out at least a couple of books on Mangalore which would revolve around at least four generations.  

When asked  if it is possible to achieve excellence in the corporate world and still be happy? She said so “The Indian tradition shows us that positive, radiant happiness is our birthright, and the programmes outlined in this book illustrate how to achieve it for ourselves. The Happiness quotient (HQ) is a concept that measures notionally, the measure of happiness each person has achieved in his life. This book provides a blueprint to enlarge one’s HQ multi-directionally. It starts by describing the creation of a positive mindspace, one that nurtures the positive emotions that increase happiness. It also discusses the impact of negative fields and how to avoid them. Anti-happiness traps, too, find a special place in this book and can prove very valuable.”

A book that is a great boon to the modern reader, thinker and executive as well!

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