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Okra water for diabetes: 4 ways this concoction may help manage blood sugar levels

Okra water for diabetes: 4 ways this concoction may help manage blood sugar levels

Okra water for diabetes: 4 ways this concoction may help manage blood sugar levels

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Mangalore, June 11, 2024: Okra, also known as bhindi, is one of the most commonly consumed vegetables in Indian households. Whether enjoyed as a regular sabzi, or in its indulgent crispy version, the love for bhindi remains the same. Bhindi ki sabzi defines comfort and is something that we would probably never get tired of eating. Another reason to like bhindi is that it offers several health benefits, managing diabetes being one of them. While you can certainly enjoy bhindi as is, have you ever tried having its water? According to nutritionist Rupali Datta, okra water is gaining immense popularity and can do wonders for managing your blood sugar levels. Wish to know what makes this water so magical and a must-try if you suffer from diabetes? Keep reading to discover.

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Benefits Of Okra Water For Diabetes Management | How Does Okra Water Help Manage Blood Sugar Levels?

1. Rich in fibre

High-fibre foods are a must-have in a diabetes diet, and okra is quite rich in it. It consists of both soluble and insoluble fibres, which are quite effective in managing blood sugar levels. The reason why fibre is essential in your diet is that it helps delay the digestion of carbohydrates. When this happens, it prevents sudden spikes in blood glucose levels.

2. Aids in digestion

When our digestive system is healthy, our blood sugar levels naturally stay in control. Since sugars and starches break down into glucose during digestion, it’s important that your digestive system is healthy. Sipping on okra water every morning can help achieve this goal. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a healthy digestive system can aid in managing diabetes quite effectively.

3. Low glycaemic index

Another reason to include okra water in your diet is that okra has a low glycaemic index (GI). Foods with a low GI do not cause a sudden spike in your blood sugar levels, ensuring that they remain under control. Even the American Diabetes Association considers non-starchy foods like okra extremely beneficial for those suffering from diabetes.

4. Improves insulin sensitivity

Insulin sensitivity is a common problem among diabetics. When this happens, your body’s cells don’t respond normally to insulin. To improve this, you can include foods with anti-inflammatory properties in your diet, with okra being one of them. Several studies suggest that regular consumption of okra water can help improve insulin sensitivity.

How To Make Okra Water At Home:

To make okra water at home, take a few okra pods and wash them thoroughly. Now, you need to cut off the ends, and then, using a knife, split the pods in half. Fill a jar with two to three cups of water and put the okra pods in it. Let them soak overnight. The next morning, squeeze the pods into the water, take them out, and drink the concoction. It’s best to have it on an empty stomach to reap its benefits for diabetes management.

Okra water has some amazing benefits to offer for our health. Include it in your diabetes diet to better manage it. However, remember to consult an expert before making any addition to your diet. Stay fit and healthy!

Courtesy: NDTV

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