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Sowjanya Case: New twist in CBI charge sheet

Sowjanya Case: New twist in CBI charge sheet

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By Prof. Narendra Nayak

Mangaluru, Feb 13, 2017: Well this is not a parable about a bird or a story for children but about what was described as a caged parrot by some politician during the UPA days! But the change of the ruling dispensation has not changed its traits but only its masters because it still sings the tunes of those who order it to warble a specific number! But in this case its singing is so out of tune that it must have disturbed its masters and those who have probably fed it bird seed! The tune was so bad that it has earned a rap on the knuckles by the judge of the special designated court in case no.203/2016 Ms.B.S.Rekha, the additional city civil and sessions judge at Bengaluru. The case was posted here because it was CBI which had filed the charge sheet.

Sowjanya case

The whole incident took place at Dharmasthala village a well known pilgrimage center   Recalling the details of the case it was on the 9th of October, 2012 that she was murdered and the sequence of events indicate that she was abducted in broad day light at around 4pm on her way from the college where she was studying to her home. About two hundred  meters away from her home she had alighted from the bus on the busy road going from Ujire to Dharmasthala, spoken to her uncle Vittal Gowda at his shop, and proceeded on her way home. When she did not reach home, an alarm was raised, search parties formed and till late in the night they looked for her all over. The next day morning her body was found strangulated, brutally raped and hands tied with her shawl. The clothes covering the lower half of her body were missing. The police initially said that it was the handiwork of a gang of at least four to six people There protests all over the  place and a demand made that the culprits be arrested soon. It was suspected that a gang of the sons of very powerful and influential people of the place were the rapist murderers and the police were shielding them. As the subsequent events show this seemed to be very much the case.  The local police had obviously made a cover up job. By public demand when the case was handed to the state CID they compounded the efforts of the local police! The public protests continued and the efforts of the family to seek justice. The case was handed over to the CBI with the hope that the premier investigation agency of the country would live up its name but as events indicate they too have totally failed in their job.

Sowjanya case

 The spot where she was last seen alive by her uncle who has named his shop after he.

A number of theories some of them plausible, some appearing to be products of fertile imagination were floated. But the most eeriest of them seems to be the ‘official’ version presented by the local police, corroborated by the CID and the attempt by the CBI was to try to drive the final nails into the coffin of justice for the victim Sowjanya. It was said that it was a case of mistaken identity because some of the powers that be wanted to teach a lesson to a family staying nearby and had abducted Sowjanya by mistake and later on though they realized it had to silence her, another theory was that a local gang of children of influential people were like feudal lords who would have anyone who took their fancy and so on. But, the official version presented by all the investigation agencies put together seems to be the weirdest of the lot!     

Sowjanya case

Because the accused in the case Santosh Rao,who has been languishing in judicial custody since then has been credited with superhuman strength, miraculous powers and a diabolic criminal mind which could perform impossible feats including the power of making himself invisible! After ‘serious’ investigations and  meticulous search one Santosh Rao a 38 year old mentally unsound person was arrested and produced as the sole accused. It was this superman who had kidnapped a strong well built 17 year old girl, carried her away in broad light, kept her since nest day morning, raped and strangled her and thre the body near her home in the early hours of the next day! This version floated by the local police was swallowed by the gullible innocents of the CID and finally confirmed by the top sleuths of the country the Central Bureau of investigations Chennai! In fact when they submitted the report to the court there were celebrations all around the center of power of Dharmasthala and it was shouted from the roof tops that truth had won!

Sowjanya case

Her mother Padamavathi is unconsolable

When the case came up for trial before the learned judge she noticed such glaring discrepancies in the charge sheet submitted by the CBI that she has ordered for re investigation into various aspects of the case in an order dated 7thFebruary, 2017.  This was based on the application made by Chandappa Gowda father of the victim Sowjanya and also the prosecution witness no 1. This application had pointed out the glaring short comings and miscarriage of justice that occurred during all the investigations into the rape and murder of his daughter. All these point to the collusion of all these investigations to shield some of the real rapist murderers.
The admittedly last person who saw her alive was her maternal uncle Vittal Gowda to whom she had spoken before going home. He had stated that his siser had seen three persons near the place of occurrence Dheeraj Jain, Malik Jani and Uday Jain. They were the persons who caught the alleged culprit Santosh Rao and handed him over to the police! Further on they were also accompanied by one Shivappa Malekudia, Ravi Pujari and Gopala Krishna Gowda. It is known that two of them Ravi Pujari and Gopala Krishna are no more. The former is alleged to have committed suicide and the latter died of some disease. When the three Jains mentioned above were summoned by the court, the managed to get the summons stayed by the high court. Which can be interpreted as that, they have something to hide from the court!

Sowjanya case

The massive protest meeting.

There are various other evidences which point out to the shoddy nature of the investigation by the CBI which appears to have colluded with the previous investigators in order to provide a cover up for the true culprits behind this ghastly rape and murder of a child.

1.The accused Santosh Rao is suffering from phimosis a condiction in which the foreskin cannot move and if that happens there would be serious injury.  There were no such injuries observed.Since this was the opinion of the medical officer who had examined the accused and the forensic expert, it would be difficult to believe that the accused had raped the victim.

2.There was undigested food in the stomach of the victim which was proof that she had consumed food after 6 pm. Since she was fasting on that day and was supposed to eat at home after puja it is obvious that she was alive at 6 pm.

3.Again on the night of her murder there was rain but her books recovered were not wet at all. The investigators have not bothered to search for an umbrella which she was carrying that day. Her under clothes were not found. What was produced was the undergarment which the police had collected from her home from her mother.

4.Despite all the public protests and thousands of people having gathered to demand punishment for the true culprits the CBI had not made any attempts to investigate the case properly. It was also pointed out that though the whole crime is a committed by a group of people the CBI had filed a case against only a single person.

5.This crime has occurred at around 4pm in broad daylight and close to a highway connecting Dharmasthala to the district head quarters as well as Northern parts of Karnataka in which thousands of people travel every day. It is strange that there were no eyewitnesses or that they must be dead scared to state what they have seen.

Well the whole case appears to be a massive cover up job with the connivance of the investigation agencies. The crime has happened in a place which is supposed to dispense ‘justice’ and if this is the sort of justice that is given to a child who was brutally raped and murdered one has to wonder as to who is behind the dastardly crime and the invisible hands protecting them.

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Venugopal, Bangalore Thu, February-23-2017, 2:02
Thorough investigation is required by good and very tough woman IPS officer.
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