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Planet health is more important than individual and community health: Dr. C P Habeeb Rahman

Planet health is more important than individual and community health: Dr. C P Habeeb Rahman

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Mangaluru, Dec 17, 2019: "Planet health is more important than individual and community health" said Dr. CP Habeeb Rahman, Chairman, Unity Hospital. in a press meet held at Unity Hospital on Tuesday, December 17, 2019.


Dr. Habeeb Rahman was awarded - ’Inspirational Leadership’ in the World conference of business leaders in Malaysia. He was the only Indian among the awardees. There were hundred and fifty participants from 130 countries in the conference.
The two days’ conference was organised by world confederation of business, Houston, USA. The fifteen year old world confederation of business, popularly known as WORLDCOB has 3500 member organisations spread over 130 countries who share ideas for collaboration between one another.



"Turbulence of today’s chaotic global scenario is a caution to world leaders of all the nations, to focus more on planet health than looking about individual and community health" Dr. Rahman said.  He was addressing leaders from various organisations from over a hundred nations who were gathered at Kuala Lumpur to discuss about collective actions in developing the future, favourable for various stakeholders in society. Excerpts from his speech:

Planet Health:

Dr. CP Habeeb Rahman presented the concept of Planet Health in the conference for members to take on to their respective nations. It was highly applauded by the participants from various countries. Issues are global and solutions also have to be identified globally. Implementation of globally accepted solutions has to get done at local level, community level and institution level; Dr. Habeeb told the leaders. Everyone individually and collectively should come forward to take some responsibility.

No part of the earth is a safe place today. This is because of three types of disconnects of human beings. We are largely disconnected from nature seen in climate change and natural calamities. We are also disconnected from fellow human beings seen in violence, terrorism and hatred. Adding to all that we are now disconnected from ourselves seen in depression and suicide.  There are more deaths due to suicides than by war and violence. World is moving towards more dangers. Change thus has to begin at personal level to global level.

Finance, food, fuel, water shortage, resource scarcity, climate change, mass poverty, mass migration, fundamentalism, terrorism, financial oligarchies etc. are all Problems that are at the peak everywhere. No one knows where the world is heading. No one knows how to make corrective steps.

Time for Transformation:

We have entered an age of disruption. Yet the possibility of profound personal, societal, and global renewal has never been more real. Now is our time. We have to ponder and respond to the situation that we are in. Our moment of disruption deals with death and rebirth. What’s dying is an old civilization and a mind-set of maximum "me", maximum material consumption, bigger is better, and special-interest group-driven decision. This has taken countries into a state of organized collective irresponsibility, creating results that nobody wants.
All that the people are looking for is to become much more isolated and self-centred. Everyone love to make profit at others cost. Humanity has reached a level where people think that bigger is always better than being small and compact. The word “me” has become more important than we and we are not worried about planet being perished for want of our selfish interests.

Where can we go when the entire planet is about to perish? We need to think loud. This question is relevant for everyone inclusive of individuals, institutions and nations. Every child in the universe need to take part in a global revamping process and it has to begin from everywhere spontaneously and simultaneously. Such kind of responsible responses are seen and heard from various parts of the world. We need to connect the dots and read the large picture. Wisdom of the universe cannot be ignored ultimately.

Every step taken towards Planet health should get recognition and support from the society at large. We should give importance for every bit of good work that happens at any corner of the nation. All should contribute their drop of efforts to solve the ocean of problems that are created by the global society in total.

Planet Earth is a flight by itself:

Planet Earth is like a supersonic flight. Orbital speed of Planet Earth around the sun is about 107,000 km/hour. We should know how the planet earth remains stable even when it is flying at an unimaginable speed. Our planet may not collapse by itself for any mistakes in its rotation or revolution in natural orbit, but it can happen due to our wrong doings for selfish interests. We should learn lessons from the recent deluge and heat waves of the planet. Climate change is a sign. Entire Europe is at the verge of submerging.

Ego to Eco:

Present economy is based on human ego systems. We compare ourselves with others. We want to measure our happiness materially in comparison with other people and their possessions. This has no meaning. Every human is unique and every story is a scoop and exclusive to the whole surroundings around.
We should move to a new eco system. We should identify the core self within ourselves and should start our story from inside. Lot of importance should be given for our soul-mind-body connection. We should also understand the quantum connectivity wherein, everyone and everything are connected with one another. We cannot separate one from the universe. What happens to one unit of life has an impact on the whole life of the universe.

Animals understand this much better than human beings. We can understand this with their behaviour. Lions hunt only when they are hungry, similarly other animals as well. No animal kills a fellow species. Humans behave indifferent and the rate of our misbehaviours has gone to an unacceptable extent. We are unpredictable. Human can do anything today as we read in newspapers.
Now, that nature has started to bounce back and respond to human misbehaviour in an equally unpredictable manner, it is time for us to be very serious about it. We may not get many more chance to rectify our mistakes.

Now is the time. Health of the planet is of prime importance along with the health of the people.

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