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Baliga Murder case: How to get admitted to hospitals when arrested?

Baliga Murder case: How to get admitted to hospitals when arrested?

Mangaluru, July 01: We usually hear about important people getting heart attacks when arrested by the police and getting admitted to hospitals complaining of chest pain! That is possible for a middle aged or a older person. But what do about a young man? The case of Naresh Shenoy the main accused in the Vinayak Baliga murder case is a classic example of this. For younger people  the ruse would be complain of kidney disease and ask for treatment at a specific place where one can be assured of comfortable stay. Well make a certificate of dysuria, lumbar pain and a tentative diagnosis of chronic obstructive renal disease! In other words kidney stones! Once one gets admitted to the desired place it is not very difficult to cook up ‘evidence’ of renal calculi! In fact I got reminded of the old trick of the village kidney stone quacks! The  gullible patient is sent to a specific X ray clinic for a X ray film. The film will show the presence of one or more calculi. The patient shows it to the quack who prescribes his nostrum which will clear it in a very short period without pain, no complications, nil side effects. After the course of treatment is over, the X ray is repeated. Viola, the stone has disappeared! After ‘treating’ quite a few patients in one place, the quack goes on to the next before any one notices! Well how is that done? The radiographer has a contract with the quack- he keeps a stone in between the plate and the patient’s body when the pre-treatment X ray is taken! After the ‘course’ of treatment the same is removed and the ‘treatment’ is a success and all are happy! Well this is the story of the village quacks which shows how easy it is to create ‘stones’ in some ones kidney and then get rid of them! Here one can rest assured that they will not take up any genuine case of renal calculi only those whom they cook up because they know that they will be in trouble if real complications develop.

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But, a qualified person need not do that no one will question him/her! In this particular case accused no 1 in case 2097/2016 the accused has been suffering from intolerable pain and has been undergoing medication since several years! To support that a medical certificate from one Dr.S.K.Mankar who had treated him at Highland Hospital research and diagnostic center for lumbar pain since 15 days and dysuria+ on 10th of November, 2015. This certificate states that he is a old case of obstructive renal disease treated by Dr. Ashok Pandit  consultant “neurologist” on the 11th of May 2014 at Mangala Kidney Foundation and later on by Dr. S. K. Mankar on the above date. Dr. Mankar has just prescribed him a pain killer injection and advised tests etc which we do not know whether have been done or not.  Well, while we do not know whether the averments made in his application made before the court are true, it is only his word that is the final because there is no firm commitment about his so called disease except for the claims made by the patient himself! There is nothing to prove that Dr. Ashok Pandith has treated him or that he has been suffering from what he claims! We also wonder what the patient suffering from chronic renal disease was doing when he was absconding for nearly three months! Well assuming that to be true there is no need for him to go to a private nursing home for treatment when there are special cells reserved for the prisoners and undertrials at the govt. wenlock hospital which is a tertiary care teaching hospital attached to a medical college which is one of the best in the country!

As a senior physician remarked this is a way to get ‘hospitalised’ -complain of pain abdomen and get admitted to the place of his choice where he can spend his days in comfort till he gets bail. If all are equal in the eyes of the law he should be treated like any other accused in the said case and not accorded any special privileges. This medical certificate is a good example of trying to say something without saying anything. If the prosecution does not oppose and if the judge obliges one could get admitted to a private hospital and be ensconced there comfortably until regular bail could be obtained! In a society where everything goes for a price it would be no surprise if this were to happen. This is one of the methods how our highly placed people manage to evade arrest even if charged with most grievous of the crimes until some one brings that to the notice of the higher courts and they pass orders. We do hope that the prosecution will press for verification of the claims made in the document used to procure bail, as production of fake documents making false claims in a court is a criminal offence.

Narendra Nayak
For Deshapremi sanghatanegala okkuta for justice for Vinayak Baliga

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Sudhir, Mangalore Fri, July-1-2016, 7:37
Graha Badlagidya Narsesh????????????????? Think twice before causing harm to others . God always do not support the bad. Its your fate
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