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Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan are Shiv Sena?s 2 Idiots!

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February 2: The two khan’s may not agree with each other in many things but when Shahrukh Khan voiced his opinion against IPL after they ignored the Pak players, Amir “The Perfectionist” Khan backed his colleague’s thoughts too. But political party Shiv Sena doesn’t seem to like their opinions as they have named the pair 2 Idiots!


Sharuk & Amir

Shiv Sena who already made a verbal attack on SRK courtesy Sanjay Raut followed it with an attack on multiplexes that had SRK’s upcoming film My Name is Khan’s poster and also took a morcha near King Khan’s residence Mannat. Not to forget they have also threatened the plexes not to exhibit any of SRK’s film until and unless they were given permission from the Party.

But Amir Khan also made them furious with their recent comments as they published a statement in their mouthpiece “Dopahaar ka Samna” stating: “In real life, Aamir and Shah Rukh have been proved as ‘2 Idiots’ as both are making stupid statements supporting the cause of Pakistani cricketers.”

What amazes me the most is that these political idiots are going on making their erratic comments against any one they want to but no one is there to stop them. Hope our Bollywood’s 2 Idiots can hit them back again coz they deserve some beating this time around.

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