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Bachchan family boycott Filmfare Awards to protest for being publicly insulted

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Bachchan falilyFeb 28: The revered Bachchan family boycotted this year’s Filmfare Award that was, recently, held on 27th February, Saturday in Mumbai. The reason for the boycott is evident. Only a few days back, the esteemed ‘Mumbai Mirror’ tabloid had printed an article on Aishwarya Rai claiming that she was suffering from stomach tuberculosis and was, hence, unable to bear a child from hubby Abhishek Bachchan.

This piece of news didn’t go down well with the Bachchan family who felt insulted and affronted over this story that they found to be extremely demeaning and disrespectful. “Thearticle was indecent and any man in the world must oppose if such an obscene article is written about a woman

in his family,” posted Amitabh Sir on his blog. Since its publication, the article has caused quite a ruckus and Abhishek, Aishwarya and Big B have slammed the tabloid rubbishing such spiteful reports and calling it a cheap way to garner publicity. “No women would like her personal issues such as fertility or motherhood being discussed in this manner,” quipped an angry Amitabh.

The Bachchan household demanded an immediate public apology from the media house but no such apology came from the ‘Mumbai Mirror’. “For the moment… that despite a few personal apologies from the management and owners, no public apology has taken place. You cannot abuse me in public and then come and say sorry to me in private,” Big B blogged.

And hence, not only did Ash shunned her performance on the evening but the entire Bachchan brigade absented themselves from 55th Annual Filmfare Awards. Lashing further Amitabh wrote, “The modesty of a lady in my house was slandered… thearticle slandered Aishwarya, so it was very difficult to participate in a function organised by the same media house.”