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A spray-on condom, and one that she can gobble up

Mid Day

While the oldest references to the ’trusted bedroom partner’ date back to 1000 BC, some claim that it was Egyptians who invented the condom. Others say that the term ’condom’ has been derived from the word ’condum’, which was first used in poem that dates back to 1706. The theories are many, none definite enough.



One thing, however, is: there’s no stopping their smart evolution. Once made of linen sheaths, they’ve now been replaced by latex, polyurethane (plastic variant) and natural skin condoms (yeah, just in case you haven’t heard), and it’s only getting wilder. We showcase the freshest, funnest ones.


Edible condoms
No, these are not the flavoured condoms that adorn medical store shelves. They can be ingested completely. Usually, they come in a pack of four, and are available in a variety of flavours, like banana, strawberry and mango. However, they don’t protect or prevent.

Glow slow

Prepared to avert pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, these condoms have radiance capabilities and start glowing once exposed to normal light for thirty seconds. These non-toxic pieces are made of three layers, in which the inner and outer layers are of latex and the middle one is made of safe pigments. See it to enjoy it! 

Kiss-of-Mint stint

These non-lubricated condoms are coated with a mint-flavoured powder to enhance  oral sex, and yes, they protect, too. Since they are flared at the tip, they give more space for free movement of the penis. 

Extra edge
Another variety is made of extra latex, with wider pocketed tips that increase the friction, thus stimulating the nerves more than its lesser sibling does.

Coloured Condoms
Not all coloured condoms fulfill the purpose, but they sure add to the surprise. There is red for Valentine’s Day, orange for Halloween and green for Christmas.  They also come in multi-colour variants.
French Ticklers
Some call it jelly condom, because they’re either made of soft rubber or jelly that tickles the vaginal interiors. Since they’re purely luxury condoms, they don’t provide any protection and are suitable for use when the woman is using a hormonal or permanent birth control method. It can even be worn over another condom.
Studded Condoms
These shaped and textured condoms assure enhanced pleasure. These are either raised upwards for female pleasure or pushed downward, or come in combinations of both.

Coming, a spray condom
A German condom consultant, Jan Vinzenz (right), is developing a latex lotion, which when sprayed on the penis dries up in a few seconds and transforms into a condom. It would, obviously, fit all sizes.

Ignorance killing passion

"There’re many condom variants that’re available, but people don’t buy them because they don’t know about them. they will get adventurous enough to try them out only if they’re well-aware"

-- Shishir Miglani, founder,, a portal where exotic condoms such as these are sold