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Mangalore, March 20, 2012: The modern day world has seen women prove their mettle by make successful forays into fields diverse and complex.Banking too is one sector which is seeing a significant number of top women executives. We now have a Mangalorean lady occupying a place of eminence in one of India’s leading private sector bank.

Dr Meera Laetitia AranhaThe reference here is to Dr Meera Laetitia B Aranha, who has been recently elevated as General Manager of Karnataka Bank Pvt Ltd. Prior to this she was the Deputy General Manager and Chief Compliance Officer of the Bank.

A very pleasing personality, Dr Meera Laetitia Aranha hails from Bendore in Mangalore. She is not just a chartered accountant, but also holds a Bachelors Degree in Law apart from a PhD degree in Asset Liability Management. 

She practiced CA for a year before joining Karnataka Bank in the year 1987 as Manager at the Accounts Department in the Head Office. She also served the Bank in various capacities in the specialized advances department and foreign exchange division.

Dr Aranha was promoted as Chief Manager in the year 2001, Assistant General Manager in 2004 and as Deputy General Manager in 2008. Now, as the new General Manager of Karnataka Bank, Dr Meera Aranha will be in-charge of large and corporate finance division at the head office.

Despite her busy schedule, she manages to find some time for her special interests which include reading and doing embroidery works.