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Need for Effective Drug Prevention Strategies by Medical and Health Professionals

There is also a pressing need for a uniform national policy about drug abuse that forbids possession, trafficking and consumption of drugs of abuse within the educational institution premises...

Bangalore-Mangalore-Cochin Highway Drug-Trafficking

Controlling the scourge of narcotics on the young generation needs to be the collective responsibility of parents, educational institutions, Police, and all elected representatives of that area

Early intervention strategies to delay initiation of substance use in Schools and Colleges

We need to be more serious about the drug problem prevalent in our educational institutions and the increasing number of students becoming prey to drugs, writes Dr. G. Shreekumar Menon

Transnational Narcotics Threat and National Security

The concept of national security, keeps evolving and changing, bringing new threats and challenges, which are transnational in nature and has the innate ability to worsen.

All the Faults of Great Men

All great people have their own faults. But the faults do not make great people. The lessons learnt from them make them great, writes Dr. Charles Lobo

Methaqualone or Mandrax - the wild party drug

Methaqualone is a sedative drug which is sold as Mandrax in some countries and Quaaludes in the US

Education Beyond Classroom Learning

I remember, when I was in class 5 at St Aloysius Higher Primary School, Mangaluru, our Kannada teacher would take us to the playground (then known as ‘Sand Pit’) and take up classes there. As young students, the experience was unique as we were made to sit under a tree for our Kannada lessons.

Forensic Testing of Narcotic Drugs X: Unanticipated Challenge of NPS to Forensic Science

New psychoactive substances are growing at an alarming rate causing a threat to the public health, writes Dr. G. Shreekumar Menon and Dr. Nirmal Krishnan

Forensic Testing of Narcotic Drugs IX: Tramadol or Chill Pills

If consumed regularly in heavy doses, it becomes difficult for the user to quit the drug due to withdrawal symptoms...

Draupadi Murmu - The New ’President of India’

Draupadi Murmu has become the 15th president of India in a historic win that has seen a politician from an indigenous community take the country’s highest elective office for the first time.

Tribute to Veteran Hockey Star Elvera Britto

Elevera Britto was the famed captain of the national team in the ’60s and was presented the Arjuna Award’ in 1965.

Forensic Testing of Narcotic Drugs VIII: Rohypnol The Date-Rape Drug

Rohypnol is banned in India but it is available in the grey markets, as also on the Darknet, hence a big challenge for enforcement agencies...

Ketamine Or Pony Medicine Or Kit-Kat

India is a big producer of Ketamine, as also organic and synthetic licit opiate/psychotropic pharmaceuticals...

Corruption Unlimited

Prof. Narendra Nayak recounts his encounters with the corrupt

Forensic Testing Of Drugs-VI: MDMA or ECSTASY

The greatest mistake in life is to get addicted to drugs – becoming a prisoner of ecstasy and hallucination, and less of a man...