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Fear and Silence of the Lambs: Protesting against injustice and assault is your fundamental right

There is no end to hate and communal harmony and social pluralism is the only answer for a peaceful and prosperous future for us and our children, writes Chris Emmanuel Dsouza

Cocaine Trafficking into India Scaling Alarming Proportions

Government of India, needs to expand the reach and scope of all enforcement agencies, to handle the burgeoning cocaine trade, writes Dr. G. Shreekumar Menon

Houthi terrorists reddening the Red Sea

The Red sea has started reddening, as drones and ballistic missiles, unleashed by the Houthis, target ships and ocean going vessels, with deadly accuracy.

The American Flag Kilt | A Patriotic Fashion Statement

The American flag kilt stands as a unique and captivating garment, seamlessly blending the traditional Scottish kilt with the patriotic elements of the American flag.

Kashmir Bhavan in Bengaluru: A must visit place

Kashmir Bhavan should become a sacred place to spread the message of Sanatan Dharma, the foundation of all religions which is "Love All and Serve All’, writes Bhamy V Shenoy

Face to face meeting with a revolutionary insurgent

Dreams and fantasies of myopic leaders can land their people into profound misery and agony. Every nation needs to exercise caution while choosing their leaders, writes Dr. G. Shreekumar Menon

Consumer Movement: Ways to involve students

Have we wondered if we do not pay taxes, how can the government take care of us? National Consumer Day is an occasion to ‘nudge’ long sleeping consumers to awake and encourage them to demand their rights.

"MAI and I" Book of Angelic Emotions

An artistic simple book is indeed packed with ’Angelic  Emotions’,  childlike reminiscences are evident, relevant and acceptable to the heart.

Unveiling the Path to a Clutter-Free Lifestyle in Commerce City

Living amidst clutter not only hinders your physical space but can also impact your mental well-being

Soaring cybercrime graph

The rising cases of cybercrimes in DK and Udupi districts as elsewhere in the state and country, has put spotlight on the necessity for increased awareness among the public.

Elevate Your Style With a Trendy Red Leather Jacket Mens

Discover the epitome of style with our Red Leather Jacket mens. Timeless design meets contemporary flair in this bold statement piece. Explore now for a perfect blend of fashion and sophistication!

Look Down Please

Will it not be more rewarding to ‘look down’ to appreciate some lessons in cooperation and discipline? asks Dr. G. Shreekumar Menon

The Hybrid Kilt Revolution | Where Tradition Gets Trendy

Step into a realm where tradition undergoes a captivating metamorphosis, giving rise to The Hybrid Kilt Revolution—an era where the age-old charm of tradition seamlessly intertwines with the vibrant pulse of contemporary trends

Affordable Elegance | Embrace Style on a Budget with Cheap Kilts

In the realm of traditional Scottish attire, the kilt stands as a symbol of pride, heritage, and a unique sense of style. While kilts have long been associated with regality and sophistication, Fashion Kilt brings a refreshing twist by offering an affordable alternative—the Cheap Kilt.

Scottish Tartans | A Tapestry of History, Heritage, and Trendy Scottish Clothing

Scottish tartans are not merely decorative patterns; they are the very threads that weave together Scotland’s rich historical tapestry, cultural heritage, and a deep source of pride for the Scottish people. The iconic Scottish kilt, adorned with its distinct tartan fabric, serves as a globally recognized symbol of Scotland