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Forensic Testing of Narcotic Drugs – IX: Tramadol or Chill Pills

If consumed regularly in heavy doses, it becomes difficult for the user to quit the drug due to withdrawal symptoms...

Draupadi Murmu - The New ’President of India’

Draupadi Murmu has become the 15th president of India in a historic win that has seen a politician from an indigenous community take the country’s highest elective office for the first time.

Tribute to Veteran Hockey Star Elvera Britto

Elevera Britto was the famed captain of the national team in the ’60s and was presented the Arjuna Award’ in 1965.

Forensic Testing of Narcotic Drugs VIII: ’Rohypnol’ The Date-Rape Drug

Rohypnol is banned in India but it is available in the grey markets, as also on the Darknet, hence a big challenge for enforcement agencies...

Ketamine Or Pony Medicine Or Kit-Kat

India is a big producer of Ketamine, as also organic and synthetic licit opiate/psychotropic pharmaceuticals...

Corruption Unlimited

Prof. Narendra Nayak recounts his encounters with the corrupt

Forensic Testing Of Drugs-VI: MDMA or ECSTASY

The greatest mistake in life is to get addicted to drugs – becoming a prisoner of ecstasy and hallucination, and less of a man...

Forensic Testing Of Drugs-V: Methamphetamine - ‘Breaking Bad’

The main problem with detection of this chemical is that there are chances of false positive tests...

Forensic Testing of Drugs – IV: Cocaine – The Horror of the Whiteness

Cocaine use is referred to as “King’s habit”, hence affordable only by film stars, fashion models and super-rich people.

Forensic Testing of Drugs – III: Lethal Horrors of Heroin – ‘God’s Own Medicine’

Heroin continues to be the drug of choice for many drug abusers and putting an end to one of the most abused chemicals in the world, remains a distant dream.

Indian American author Veena Rao’s ’Purple Lotus’ award winning best seller

Purple Lotus is an inspiring story of an immigrant woman who must push against societal pressures and her own fears to create a happy life for herself in America.

Forensic Detection of Narcotic Drugs -II: LSD-Drug of The Young

Chemical escapism using Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances to find relief from depression, anxiety and general stress, has become very routine across the world.

The Pandemic, Education and Nothingness

Children will enjoy learning when they are free to ask questions, look around at the world and make their own conclusions.

Forensic detection of Narcotic Drugs: Peering through the cannabis smokescreen

Why the Cannabis use is discouraged by governments and enforcement agencies, when many creative-minded individuals have used cannabis to relax and stoke their imaginations...

How safe are our children?

The sharp rise in cases of sexual abuse of minors in Dakshina Kannada in the recent past, has been a cause of great concern, underlining the need for a greater awareness as well as measures to check the menace.