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Teenager dies in hospital, family alleges medical negligence

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Mangalore, Oct 10, 2011: The sudden death of a 19-year-old patient at SCS Hospital on Oct 10 Monday has created a lot of disturbance in the hospital premises.


The patient, Zabina (19), was admitted to the hospital on Oct 5 for abdominal pain, after which she was diagnosed with appendicitis. On October 6, she underwent a surgery and seemed to be on the road to a speedy recovery.







However, the doctor who was in charge of her said that the infection has spread inside her body, making a second surgery essential. On Oct 7, she was taken for another surgery and collapsed less than 48 hours after the second surgery.

Her grief-stricken family has alleged that medical negligence is responsible for her death.

Zabina had always been a healthy girl.

After Zabina was declared dead, a crowd gathered at the hospital, demanding an explanation. Neither the hospital nor the doctors have made any statement so far.