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Student dies of drowning : family suspects foul play

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Roshan Mangalore, Sep 28: Ronald D’Cunha, uncle of Roshan Deepak, a II BBM student of St. Aloysius College, told reporters at a press conference held at Press Club on September 28, Tuesday that he suspects foul play in his nephew’s unnatural death by drowning at Panambur Beach.

He told reporters that Roshan had gone to Panambur Beach with a few friends and drowned at Tannirbhavi on September 18, Saturday. His friends, however, kept the matter a secret, he added.

He told reporters that Roshan had gone to the beach with his classmate, friend, and neighbor Jithan, the son of Jerald Rodrigues and others. Some of these students were paying guests at the house of Gracy D’Costa of Valencia. Two of them had gone to the beach on motorbike, while the rest followed by bus. None of the four informed Roshan’s family that he had drowned at Tannirbhavi. The truth was revealed only upon police investigation.

The four friends, who had gone to the beach with Roshan, maintained that they were too scared to tell the truth. When Roshan’s father asked Jithan about his son, he did not get a clear answer. Later Roshan’s mother called Canute Saldanha of Kinnigoli, another classmate of Roshan and got the truth from him. When Jithan was inquired once again, he revealed the truth.

The following day Roshan’s mother and his brother Kanyet D’Cunha lodged a complaint at the police station and received the information that an unidentified body had been washed ashore on the morning of September 20, Monday. The body was taken to Wenlock Hospital for post mortem. Later, Roshan’s brother identified the body, which was handed over to the family.

Police questioned Canute and Jithan, who said that five of them had gone to the beach to have a beer party and some swimming. When the principal of the college questioned them, they said that seven of them had gone together with 12 plates of biryani and seven bottles of beer. When Roshan’s father enquired about Roshan’s missing gold chain, mobile, and ATM, the friends had nothing to say.

Ronald D’Cunha told reporters that the students were giving contradictory statements, owing to which he feels that there is some mystery in the death of his nephew Roshan. He therefore urged the police department to investigate the case.