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Senior congress leader Janardhan Poojary praises PM Modi

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Mangaluru, Aug 9 ,2016: B Janardhan Poojary, a former Union minister in Indira Gandhi government, on Monday praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Poojary said India needs a Prime Minister like Narendra Modi, who is a ’statesman’.

poojary Poojary’s statement came in the wake of Modi’s sharp reactions against self-proclaimed "gau rakshaks" and those who attack dalits. He has been sidelined after his repeated caustic remarks against the state government and CM.

Referring to Modi’s reactions against gau rakshaks and those who attacked dalits in Una, Poojary said, "That  the Narendra Modi speak on this makes him a true statesman." Poojary was talking to media after offering prayers for a speedy recovery of AICC president Sonia Gandhi at Kudroli Sri Gokarnanatha Temple in Mangaluru on Aug 8, Monday.

"The statements of Narendra Modi during his address in Delhi and later in Telangana have strong message for the world. Modi is a Prime Minister whom we all should be proud of. People in our party may not agree with my opinion or they may mistake," Poojary said.

Coming down heavily on self-proclaimed gau rakshaks, Poojary said, they (gau rakshaks) are engaged in illegal activities. "They are engaged in stealing during nights and pretend as gau rakshaks during day time. Narendra Modi has said it openly. Congress too has been saying this for decades, but people fail to understand," Poojary said. 

Poojary also found fault with CM Siddaramaiah in the appointment of IAS officer T Sham Bhat as KPSC, Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) chief. "The chief minister should have reviewed his decision to appoint the IAS officer as KPSC chief. It is a failure in duty to appoint a person to such a post when there are many allegations against him pending," Poojary said.

MLC and senior Congress leader Motamma, who also took part in the prayers for Sonia Gandhi at the temple, said she too opposed the process of appointing such officers as KPSC chief.