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Prof. Narendra Nayak files police complaint against viral hate audio

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Mangaluru, May 22, 2021: City based rationalist and mythbuster Prof. Narendra Nayak has filed a police complaint with Urwa Police Station regarding an audio recording of a hate phone conversation that had gone viral on social media few days back. Prof. Nayak submitted a CD of the audio along with a complaint letter against ‘unknown’ persons addressed to the Station House Officer on Friday, 21 May 2021.

It may be recalled that a controversy erupted earlier this week when Dr. Srinivas Kakkilaya, an eminent doctor had entered Jimmy’s Supermarket without wearing the mandatory mask. Subsequently a CCTV video footage showing an argument regarding the matter between the doctor and the supermarket owner got leaked and went viral on social media. Within hours an audio clip too began making the rounds with the caller apparently making enquiries with the supermarket owner about Dr. Kakkilaya and instigating him to file a police complaint. In the course of the conversation, the caller is heard also making accusations against Prof. Narendra Nayak and alleging both to be ‘communists’ and abusing them using foul language.

In his police complaint Prof. Nayak has alleged that the unidentified caller had used derogatory language and was inciting people to violence against him. He further stated that the caller branded him as a Communist “which is totally false”. He submitted that the contents of the audio attract offence under Section 294 and Section 506 of the Indian Penal Code. He urged the police to investigate the matter in view of the preexisting threats to his life.
In the conversation lasting 3 minutes and 51 seconds, the caller can be heard making casteist comments and using foul language against both the individuals mentioned.  At one point the caller even says the call recipient should have ‘slapped’ him. At the beginning of the conversation, the recipient is heard greeting the caller as ‘Paimam’.

It is expected that the police will pursue Prof. Nayak’s complaint seriously as he is a police protectee. His mythbusting activities have earned the wrath of the extreme elements of the religious right wing and his name had also figured in a hit list confiscated from the accused in the Gowri Lankesh murder. Hence the state government has assigned a fulltime gunman to bodyguard him. Threats made to such specially protected persons are investigated promptly.

It is understood that one suspect was summoned by the police for inquiry on Saturday morning and more details expected soon.