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Police department holds mock terrorist attack drills

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Mangalore, Apr 23: The police department worked out an exercise in combating terrorists on April 22, 2010. Initially, the citizens were startled to hear that KMC Hospital and Panambur Beach were attacked by terrorists. Later everybody heaved a sigh of relief to learn that this was just a police mock drill. The city now knows that the police department is well-prepared to tackle such issues should they crop up in future. 

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The police department took days to plan out this terror management exercise. They worked it out very well indeed, rushing to KMC hospital, hunting for terrorists, and finally arresting them. The exercise, however, was kept top secret. The hospital authorities, the general public, and the media had absolutely no idea about it. A team of police officers was led into the hospital by Deputy Superintendent of Police Mr. B J Bhandari and Police Inspector Mr. Vinay Gaonkar.

The mock drill at Panambur Beach presented a different scene. The police swooped down on terrorists, who had sneaked onto the beach from a neighboring country and were planning to blow up the places surrounding Panambur. The police foiled their plans by swooping on them and arresting them before they could hurt anybody. 

Mr. Bhandari informed the public that the mock drill could be a success only by keeping it a secret. He said that the department wanted to check the system for efficiency, adding that the results were totally satisfactory.