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Kayak instructor on coastal expedition

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Mangaluru, Apr 24, 2018: Arabian sea coast of Karnataka has played host to several adventures and unique expeditions. Buoyed by the pristine beaches, a 28-year-old has now embarked on a solo kayaking expedition from Karwar to Mangaluru, covering at least 240 km in 12 days.

Kayak instruct...

Kayak instruct...

Sushant first arrived in the city a decade ago from Bihar, to pursue engineering. The brochure-blue beaches cast a spell on him, and Sushant began investing time and energy in the water. Eight months ago, he bid adieu to his engineering profession and turned into a full-time kayaking instructor operating from Mulki. Sushant has now taken out nearly a couple of weeks off his busy schedule to explore everything the coast has in store for him.

The idea struck Sushant a month ago while kayaking with a friend in Gokarna. "It was such a memorable experience that I wanted more of it. I fancied an idea to kayak beside the virgin beaches and camp on the shores. I downloaded satellite views online, identified beaches and I was almost there," he stated, after ending the fourth day of his expedition.

Sushant carries goods and groceries weighing approximately 40 kg with him. Sushant cooks his food himself. He lights his stove on the shores after the day’s kayaking, and relishes simple, delicious and wholesome food such as dal. "I carry a gas stove and a cooker among other appliances. I carry dal, rice, masala for khichdi and ghee for taste. I cook enough for dinner and breakfast the next morning. I consume protein bars in the afternoon, so I don’t lack nutrition. The apples that I have been carrying may last for three more days. I may visit some restaurants after that," he said.

As he has been rowing for almost 12 hours a day, and venturing as far as 3 km in the sea, Sushant has found friends in dolphins. "I watched them play for at least an hour. They are magnificent," he said.

Sushant, who began his expedition on April 16, is scheduled to sign off in style at Mulki, the place that changed his life forever, on April 27.