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Health Department raids hotels, bars and bakery in Moodabidri

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Moodabidri  ,July 10, 2015 : Purasabha Chief Officer Sheena Naik along with Health inspector Indu , Environmental Engineer Shilpa S. and Junior assistant Officer   Raghavendra  raided some of the hotels, bakery and bars in   Moodabidri  on  Thursday, July 9.

Health  Department  raids   hotels, bars and bakery in Moodabidri

On  seeing  previous reports  the  Health Officer’s   inspected   Iyengar  bakery  which was  located  behind  the  market in  Moodabidri.  They observed that  the food items in the bakery  where   kept  open  and was not  hygiene to consume.

The stale foods were   not disposed  and  kept along with the fresh ones ad was served.  The  pantry  was  not  well-maintained . On noticing these factors   the   officer’s   ordered the owner  to shut   the  business .It is said that a  year back this bakery was locked by the chief officer Rayappa.

The kitchens of some hotels and bars in the city were  also   inspected .  The food items were checked. The food was being served in a  low  quality  plastic  bags.

 They  ordered   the owner’s  to maintain cleanliness  in and around  the  shops.
 Due to lack of hygiene and cleanliness  the  officer’s   seized some hotel and bars in the city.