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Boundary line not touched during catch in World Cup final: Surya Kumar Yadav

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Udupi, July 9, 2024: "During the T20 World Cup final, when I took the catch, I did not touch the boundary line. It’s impossible to make everyone in the world happy. By God’s blessing, I was at that spot at that moment, which gave me the opportunity to take such a wonderful catch," said Indian cricket team player Suryakumar Yadav. He responded to media questions regarding the ongoing discussions and controversies about the catch during his visit to the newly constructed Marigudi Temple in Kapu with his wife Devisha.

He further added, "We train to take such catches during practice. God created that moment for us to bring the cup home. At that moment, I remembered God."




"Becoming the captain of the team is not in our hands. Our goal is to play well for the country. Whatever is written on our foreheads by God will happen. It was very joyful to see the massive celebration for the World Cup. The warm welcome from the people in Kapu was heartening. I did not expect so many people to gather at the temple," he said.


"I came here as an ordinary person, not as a celebrity. I never thought of myself as a celebrity. I want to lead a great life as a normal person. The World Cup is not everything; it’s just a part of life," he added.

"I enjoy chewing bubble gum when I step onto the field. Chewing bubble gum makes me happy and helps me bat well. I celebrate the moment by chewing a small piece of gum," he said.

"After visiting Kapu Mariyamma, I feel very peaceful. Offering prayers has brought me a sense of tranquility. I wish to see the temple renovation process. If I get an opportunity, I will definitely come," he said.

Suryakumar Yadav’s wife, Devisha, also spoke: "I feel happy after visiting Kapu Marigudi. We came to Udupi once five years ago. I had a desire to visit Kapu Mariyamma again, so I brought my husband to see her. If there are no tournaments, we will come for the temple renovation program," she said.

"I won’t disclose what I prayed to the Goddess. I have a resolve to serve the Goddess. I don’t like to talk about my offerings. Representing India and winning the World Cup is the dream of all cricket lovers. I am happy that this dream has come true. We need to keep dreaming and moving forward," she said.

Suryakumar Yadav was congratulated by Kapu MLA and the president of the Kapu Hosamarigudi Temple Development Committee, Gurme Suresh Shetty, for his contribution to winning the T20 World Cup.