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Amid fears of Nipah virus, Checkpoint set up at Talapady border

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Mangaluru, Sept 17, 2023: Amid concerns surrounding the Nipah virus, a comprehensive screening of vehicles arriving from three districts in Kerala was carried out at the Talapady checkpoint on the Kerala-Karnataka border.

talapady order

talapady order

talapady order

On Saturday, September 16, a dedicated team, led by health officers and ASHA workers, commenced temperature checks for passengers hailing from three specific Kerala districts at the Talapady checkpoint, starting at 9 am. Approximately 60 vehicles from KL 9, KL 10, KL 11, Kozhikode, and Calicut were subjected to thorough thermal scanning. Encouragingly, none of the passengers exhibited any signs of fever throughout the day.

This screening operation involved the active participation of various healthcare professionals, including District Health Officer Dr. Navin Chandra Kulal, Taluk Health Officer Dr. Sujay Bhandary, and Community Health Officers Dr. Gopi Prakash and Dr. Anita, along with ASHA workers.

Dr. Gopi Prakash, a Community Health Officer at Kotekar Primary Health Centre, explained, "We collected the mobile numbers and relevant documents of individuals displaying symptoms of fever. These individuals will be placed under close monitoring. Despite some resistance from passengers arriving from Kerala, where quarantine measures are already in place in the Vadakara district, we persisted in conducting these necessary tests. Furthermore, inspections were conducted on vehicles arriving from other districts, in addition to the designated three districts."