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Railway official runs towards train and saves child fallen on tracks in Mumbai

Mangalore Today News Network / Yahoo

Mumbai, April 19, 2021:     A timely intervention and extraordinary courage shown by a railway pointsman with the Central Railway (Mumbai division) has saved a child who had fallen off the platform onto the tracks seconds before a train approached the station. A video of the hair-raising incident has gone viral on social media and internet users are praising the official.



The video shows a woman with a child walking to the edge of the railway platform when the child slips from her hands and falls on the tracks. The woman, frightened to see the oncoming train, makes desperate calls for help to save her child but no one could be seen around her. Within a few seconds, a man is seen running on the tracks from the opposite direction of the oncoming train and rescuing the child. The man pulls up the child and himself jumps onto the platform just in time to save themselves from getting crushed under the wheels of the train.

The child is then reunited with the woman as the train arrives at the station. The heroic act of the pointsman, identified as Mayur Shelke, is being praised by everyone on the internet. The terrifying incident was recorded at Vangani station on April 17, during the coronavirus restrictions as the platform looks completely deserted.


Sharing the video, The Ministry of Railways said the pointsman risked his life to save the child’s life. “We salute his exemplary courage & utmost devotion to the duty.”

In a similar incident in November last year, a Maharashtra Security Force jawan saved a six-year-old boy from falling into the gap between the platform and a moving train. The jawan had only seconds to act before the train could gain full motion, so he sprinted and pulled the child out of the train. This incident was reported at Mumbra station of the Central Railway.