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Centre cautions FM Radio channels on songs glorifying drugs, alcohol, weapons

Mangalore Today News Network / NDTV

New Delhi, Dec 02, 2022: The Centre has cautioned FM radio channels against playing songs or broadcasting content glorifying alcohol, drugs, weaponry, gangster/gun culture.


FM Radio channels

In an advisory to FM radio channels, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has asked them to strictly adhere to the terms and conditions prescribed in grant of permission agreement (GOPA) and migration grant of permission agreement (MGOPA) and not air any content in violation thereof.

"Any violation shall entail such penal action as deemed fit in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down in the GOPA/MGOPA," the advisory said.

The advisory was issued after the ministry found that some FM channels were playing songs or broadcasting content that glorified alcohol, drugs, weaponry, gangster and gun culture.

It pointed out that the Punjab and Haryana High Court had taken judicial note that such content affected children of impressionable age and gave rise to gun culture.

It said such content was in violation of the AIR Programme Code and the Centre had the right to impose sanctions for suspension of permission and prohibition of broadcast.