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17 Killed in suicide bomb attack at Pak Mosque, over 80 injured / NDTV

Peshawar, Jan 30, 2023: A blast at a mosque inside a police headquarters in Pakistan on Monday killed 17 people and wounded another 80, hospital officials said. The incident happened during afternoon prayers in the northwestern city of Peshawar near the border with Afghanistan.


An AFP reporter at the scene saw rescue workers carry two dead bodies away in an ambulance. Part of the mosque roof and wall structure had collapsed, and bloodied survivors were limping away from the wreckage.

"We have received dead bodies. It’s an emergency situation," said Muhammad Asim Khan, a spokesman for the main hospital in Peshawar, adding that at least 39 wounded had so far arrived at the facility.

Last March, an ISIS suicide bomber attacked a minority Shiite mosque in Peshawar killing 64 in Pakistan’s deadliest terror attack since 2018.