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Kerala Artist on wheelchair scripts history with World’s largest GPS drawing in Dubai

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Dubai, Mar 23, 2023: Guinness World Records’ Instagram feed is packed with footage of numerous records being broken all around the world. Their most recent post on one such record has left people equally amazed and inspired. The video features a man on wheelchair crossing the streets of Dubai to construct the world’s biggest GPS artwork. He passes across the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall while painting the wheelchair-bound logo. Sujith Varghese, an artist from Kerala, India, has made history by creating the largest individual GPS drawing, according to Guinness World Records (GWR). The drawing covers a distance of 8.71 kilometres (5.41 miles), and it took over 24 hours to complete.


Sujith Varghese

Sujith, who was left paralyzed after a bike accident in 2013, turned to GPS drawing as a way to combine his passion for art with his love for exploring the world around him. He used his wheelchair and a GPS tracker to carefully plan out his route and create the specific image he had in mind.


The Dubai Police General Command also supported Sujith Varghese in his record-breaking achievement, which Guinness World Records (GWR) posted about on their Instagram page dedicated to records created in the Middle East. Originally written in Arabic, the caption was translated to explain the significance of Sujith’s accomplishment.

According to the caption, Sujith’s GPS drawing covers a distance of 8.71 kilometres and includes passing through the Burj Khalifa area and Dubai Mall to paint the wheelchair-bound logo. The record-breaking figure is a testament to Dubai’s success in promoting access to the needy, sending a global message through Sujith’s accomplishment.

In an interview with Guinness World Records (GWR), Sujith Varghese, the record holder for the largest individual GPS drawing, shared his thoughts on the achievement. He stated that it was great to create a slogan that everyone knows and that crosses language barriers. He also said that they have delivered a message to the globe through Dubai and Guinness World Records on behalf of a global network of like-minded individuals.