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Mastery over the Mid brain!

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By Prof. Narendra Nayak

Mangaluru, Feb 4, 2014: Mangaloreans do think that they are a cut above the rest -a superior highly intelligent breed.  But, as the yanks would say they aint seen nothing yet! Because, their mid brains are not functioning properly. But, do not worry there is a solution for this problem.  An organization called as Spoorthi MBM foundation has come forward to take up this stupendous task. After achieving success in Malyasia HQ, Hong kong, Qutar Singapore, Thaiwan, Shanghai they have come to India and then to Bengaluru and now to our city. The blurb is quite long and probably quite vague. Terms like ESR brain window, ESP photographic memory, brain enhancement training, quantum speed reading are all for children. But do not worry adults because for those between the ages of 19 to 60 there is a ESP brain window energizer workshop where they will be taught ‘energy exercises, eye ball exercises, meditation, energy generation exercises, focusing exercise. This will boost up your energy levels in your body based on oriental health theory that help promote overall circulatory wellness. We help you to release your stress.’ The sentences in quotation marks are from their brochure!


Spoorthi MBM


Spoorthi MBM

Though there are quite a lot of claims in the above brochure- what interested me most was the ESP brain enhancement training- Contestants indentify colors, numbers, shapes, letters, words without ordinary sensory input by using the right brain five senses. This technique has been adopted by Duke University famed J.B.Rhine whose methodology was totally suspect! In fact he was so gullible that he was taken in by a ‘wonder horse’ which was doing arithmetic by signals given by its controller! There are innumerable such errors pointed out in his biography on Wikipedia!

My first brush with this MBM was about year ago when one of the members of the audience at an interaction for children had challenged to make me a pauper by making a child read the number of a sealed currency note! That was in response to a challenge for those having supernatural powers- one of which is to read the serial number of a sealed currency note.  The MBM claims that children who have completed their course can see up to hundreds of kilometers. Though a year has elapsed numerous attempts on my part to achieve bankruptcy have come to a naught, as he has not obliged me so far! So, now is the time for that as MBM has set foot in Mangaluru! The arrival has been in September,2014 and from the information gathered only 15 children have been admitted to this course! But, like all good things in life MBM does not come free one has to pay a cool 25 thousand rupees for this enlightenment.


Spoorthi MBM

Since their banners all over the city promise one that it is not a superstition we would be glad to put their claims to the test of reason- In fact two of them- that ESP brain window by using the left brain five senses in which Contestants(sic) identify colours and letters without ordinary sensory input!  The second promises the same using the right brain input!  So, here we are creating children who have extraordinary powers who can identify colours and letters without any sensory inputs! That is they can do that without seeing, touching, hearing, tasting smelling them! This precisely what I would call as a superstition! Hence, we are waiting for an opportunity to put this ability to the test of reason. So, I hereby challenge the Spoorthi foundation to come forward and take up this challenge by bringing forward the best of their products of the MBM workshop for proper testing. The tests will be conducted

under fraud proof conditions and in the last week of February 2015 as I wish to give them enough time for preparation.  I shall be designing a protocol which eliminates all sensory inputs for the selected children and they will be tested under totally fraud proof conditions.  This will be conducted in the presence of the media and selected invitees. To make it worthwhile for the Mid Brain Masters I will also offer a an award of Rs.500,000 if the existence of ESP(extra sensory perception) can be proved under conditions specified by me. However the organization will have to keep a deposit of Rs.10,000 which shall be refunded along with the prize money if they succeed. If not it will be forfeited.

I do hope that the MBM and their Mangalore franchisees will come forward to take up this challenge instead of making tall claims. On the other hand I would like to caution gullible parents to think about these things before falling into traps of such claimants.