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Yash: ’Pregnancy is not a sickness’; He takes Radhika Pandit along with him everywhere

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July 10, 2019 : Sandalwood star couple Yash and Radhika Pandit recently announced their second pregnancy. They welcomed their first child only six months ago. While many have criticised their decision to bring another life to the face of the earth so soon, both the actors have clarified that it was a well-thought move and that they constantly sought medical guidance. Meanwhile, Yash already seems to have learned a lot from the first time. In an interview, expressing his views on taboos associated with this beautiful process, Yash said that pregnancy isn’t a sickness. He also takes pregnant Radhika with him everywhere, Yahoo reported.


Pregnancy Isn’t A Sickness

In an interview with TV5, Yash was asked how dealt with a pregnant Radhika. The actor responded, "Pregnancy is not a sickness. It is one of the most beautiful things that could happen to the mankind. It is important to take care of a woman while she carrying, but doesn’t mean you need to restrict her from doing things."



Yash Took Radhika Along Everywhere

"There are a lot of emotions associated with pregnancy. Also, if they are left by themselves, the mind begins to ponder upon negative thoughts. It is extremely important to ensure their mind is occupied, the actor further added. He said he would take pregnant Radhika Pandit along with him everywhere.


Radhika Isn’t Meant To Sit Idle

For the uninitiated, Radhika Pandit was spotted out a lot during her first pregnancy. She even dubbed for her latest film Adi Lakshmi Purana while she was carrying. Explaining his wife’s characteristic, Yash said, "Radhika is not meant to sit idle. She has always been a busy girl. So even during pregnancy, she was active. She would do everything normally with extra care."



Baby No 2 On Its Way

Only a few days back the world learned that Yash and Radhika are expecting their second child. Reports are suggesting that she’s currently four months into the pregnancy. However, the star couple hasn’t revealed as to when they are due.