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Woman Pilot Performs Kiki Challenge Along With Her Assistant After Jumping From the plane

The Kiki Challenge has gripped everyone on social media. What started as a dance by Shiggy on Instagram, turned into a big menace for all police to counter. Children, young and older ones resorted to jumping out their cars and doing it. Now the craze for the challenge is definitely not receding as in a recent video a pilot too couldn’t help performing it. A pilot and her flight attendant came down from the plane and started dancing to Drake’s song.

Alejandra Manriquez Pérez, a pilot was filmed from the cockpit before she and her assistant danced along as the jet slowed down. She pulled the levers from the cockpit and walked down the plane, and along with her assistant performed the synchronizing steps to the song, holding on the stairs as it plane moved slowly. Almost millions of people are in the challenge, including celebrities.

The video has gone viral with garnering more than 25,000 views on Twitter. Alejandra works as a pilot for private jets across the Atlantic Ocean. Her journey to becoming a pilot is also impressive. She has funded herself through her education and has by now flown to 40 countries as a commercial pilot.