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Woman Leaves With Third Man After Her Two ’Husbands’ Fight on Highway

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Aug 07, 2018: One husband may seem one too many for some, while this woman probably has five too many. According to a Times of India article, a woman in Bengaluru has had quite a few husbands in her lifetime.

Woman Leaves.

According to the TOI report, the woman, identified as Shashikala, has been married thrice before. But recently, she has been living with a man named Chikkabidarukallu Murthy, who is married and has two children.

It was after another man, Siddaraju proposed to marry her, that she moved in with him.

On Saturday, Shashikala and Siddaraju were standing at a bus stop when Murthy came and started attacking him, according to police reports.

While passersby tried to stop them, their attempts were mostly futile. For motorists, the scene was a bizzare one - on the Bengaluru-Nelamangala in broad daylight, two men fighting for a woman in the vicinity.

But this wasn’t the most unusual thing that happened. When cops arrested the two men on the highway, the woman denied being married to either of them.

Instead, she walked away with a third man, who she claims was her friend.

The woman even said, "Both are my friends and are jealous of each other."

We are very confused!