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Shilpa Shetty’s ’secret’ inch loss programme

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July 14, 2010: This is a first. Shilpa Shetty is running scared of the competition. The actress is has just introduced a new inch loss programme, which will be available at her spas but isn’t revealing much because she’s afraid her competitors might hijack it.

Shilpa shettyCalled the Inch Loss Wrap (ILW) system, Shilpa and business partner Kiran Bawa’s medispa chain offers this service at their Mumbai branches.

Says Shilpa, "During my travels abroad, I came across this unique treatment." Where did she first try it herself and in which spa? Shilpa prefers to remain tight-lipped about it. "I can’t tell you details only because competitors might try and procure it from there."

Is it an American product? "I can’t tell you that either but it’s an imported and completely safe treatment without side effects. I did it out of intrigue and not because I needed to lose any more inches but it was miraculous, " adds the actress.

Did she try it herself? She says, "Having tried it myself, I was amazed at the results and resolved to introduce it in India for the first time. The system was combined with our existing weight-loss program, and a study was conducted on its efficacy. We recently had a soft launch at our Khar and Ghatkopar branches."

How many inches did she lose? "I lost seven inches since I don’t have that much water retention! Some people lose up to 22 inches all over."

Inch-loss wrap
The Inch Loss Wrap drains the toxins accumulated in the body. Toxins are metabolic waste generated by the body that build up over a long period and are stored in interstitial fluid between fat cells. Due to accumulation of these toxins, the person looks fatter.

The ILW does not alter fat cells but reduces the size of the fat cells and thus brings about an inch loss. The wrap does not induce weight loss but inch loss. As the toxins are removed from the interstitial fluid, the fat cells get compacted.