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SRK owns land on the moon!

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picThe super-star of Bollywood got a little piece of land on the moon on his birthday, November 2, as a gift from a female fan from Australia.

Shahrukh Khan, who is among the world’s most popular film personalities with a fan base spanning the six continents, gets this special gift from an Aussie lady every year. In fact, the besotted fan is in touch with SRK through e-mails.

SRK confirmed getting the gift of land on the moon on his birthday. He added that he also gets “certificates from the Lunar Republic Society” that confirm his ownership of the land.

However, it’s quite unlikely that he would ever get to set his foot on the land he owns on the Earth’s beautiful natural satellite. May be his kids or grandkids would. Meanwhile, SRK said that though he turned 44 on Monday, he still feels 25 from within.

“I have been in my 40s since a few years now and I gracefully accept the age. But honestly, I feel like I am just 25 or 26 except for the physical problems I’ve had in my past year," Shahrukh told reporters.