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Ranveer Singh Reacts to Tanmay Bhatt’s Question About His Wedding Date and His Reaction Is Pure Gold

What happens when Ranveer Singh is asked to reveal details about his wedding with Deepika Padukone? Well, at least the actor doesn’t get annoyed like girlfriend Deepika Padukone and takes it with a pinch of salt. And his reaction is probably too hilarious to even miss it. When comedian Tanmay Bhatt recently asked the actor on an Instagram Live about his wedding plans, Ranveer’s reaction was epic and well, we sort of expected it from him. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone to Have a Traditional Sindhi Wedding?

“I have one question, shaadi kab hai (when is the wedding),” Tanmay asked Ranveer a few minutes into their Instagram conversation. Ranveer replied, “Ae chalna! What are you? F*cking Pinkvilla?” And we bet everyone watching this live burst into laughter. While we expected the actor to answer it for God’s sake, we are glad he took it sportingly.