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Rahul Mahajan punched, kicked and dragged me by hair, says wife Dimpy

Mumbai, July 30:  Kolkata-based model Dimpy Ganguly has walked out of her four-month-old marriage to Rahul Mahajan, son of BJP leader Pramod Mahajan, alleging domestic violence.



Dimpy had married Rahul with much fanfare on the Imagine TV reality show "Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega" in March this year.

"Rahul beat me up early on Thursday morning after waking me up to know the contents of a message that had beeped on my phone. When I asked him to go back to sleep, he flew into a rage and began hitting me. He punched, kicked and dragged me by hair," the 22-year-old model told a TV channel.

Rahul could not be reached over phone for his comments.

This is the second time that Rahul, who was also involved in a drug abuse case, has been accused of domestic violence.

His first wife Shweta Singh, who was his childhood friend, had accused him of physically abusing her. The couple got divorced in 2008 after which Rahul participated in Colors’ reality show "Big Boss". He continued to be in the limelight for his closeness with co-contestants Monica Bedi and Payal Rohatgi.

Incidentally, Rohatgi too has alleged harassment by Rahul, saying he has been calling her asking for a second chance.

"I just don’t want to be harassed anymore. That’s about it. I don’t want to speak to him. He is a married guy," Rohatgi said.

Senior BJP leader Pratap Ashar, a close associate of Pramod Mahajan who was present at the live wedding function of Rahul and Dimpy, refused to be drawn into the controversy saying that he did not know anything.

Newly-wed Rahul is harassing Payal Rohatgi with too many tinkles, she alleges

 Indeed, Rahul Mahajan’s metrosexual-but-oh-so-sensitive attitude towards Dimpy Ganguly’s middleclass-bordering-on-bovine simplicity won a lot of hearts but the truth had to surface. Seems like Rahul and Dimpy’s national marriage is troubled already. Else, why is Rahul pursuing his ex-girlfriend Payal Rohatgi?

Apparently, Rahul has been calling Payal incessantly at odd hours for over a month now. He has also been sending her text messages. A source says, “He (Rahul) is indeed pursuing her (Payal), texting her that he’d like to meet her. It seems he can’t forget her.”

 That Rahul had even asked Payal to be a part of Swayamvar cannot be forgotten. At the time however Payal refused Rahul’s offer and told the media, “Please! He is a married man and I am not in touch with him. We used to be friends but that was a long time ago. He also offered to pay me Rs 1 crore to be a part of it. You see, he wanted a friend around. But I was used enough in Bigg Boss 2 to know better.”

Convoluted... yes. But Payal is not willing to take Rahul’s advances lightly anymore. She is not amused, the source adds, “Payal is not liking it at all. She is quite surprised by the number of messages she has received from him in the past few days.

She has categorically told Rahul to stop connecting with her. But he is adamant.” But then again, when it comes to ‘connecting’ with others (from this world or not), Rahul excels in it.

When contacted, Payal says, “What Rahul is doing by calling and sending me messages is very irritating. I am done with him. I don’t live in the past.” It is common knowledge that Payal was very close to Rahul until his roving eye chanced upon Monica Bedi in Bigg Boss 2.  Did Payal take time to recover from that? “Not at all,” says Payal, “The most difficult period was when I was housed in Bigg Boss 2. I realised his true colours there.”

Rahul had called Payal “a time-pass” in the show; she has reason to be miffed. As for the house Rahul had gifted her, she had to vacate it after Bigg Boss 2. “Let’s not go there,” sighs Payal.

Despite repeated attempts, Rahul Mahajan remained unavailable for comment.