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Parineeti Chopra Body Shamed For Wearing A ’Nipple-Revealing Tight Dress’

Mumbai, August 25, 2018: The Internet has become a mean place, thanks to the faceless trolls. The pictures and outings of the celebs of the tinsel town get splashed across various social media platforms. When it comes to these platforms, there are also their supposed fans policing their style statements. This is what recently happened with Parineeti Chopra. The chirpy actress was out for promoting Namaste England and her apparent ’nipple-revealing tight dress’ dress caught the attention of the fans. They trolled her mercilessly for being ’uncomfortable’ and also asked her to change her stylist. The trolls even went to fat-shame her and claimed that she wore ’indecent’ outfit.

The celebs have their own think tank when it comes to fashion and outfits. Even though they are public figures, they surely have not signed up for nasty comments on their outfits. Their choice of dressing should be entirely left to them and it’s their call to wear whichever outfit they want to, isn’t it?