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Girl, 16, ?being bullied? after posing nude on cover of Australian magazine

By Frank Thorne

A 16-year-old schoolgirl who posed nude for the cover of a surfing magazine in Australia is being bullied by her peers, her modelling agency claims. Pretty, dark-haired became a controversial cover girl after winning Stab magazine’s search for a model contest.


Ella Rose Corby 2


Ella Rose Corby, 16, posed nude for the cover of a surfing magazine in Australia

The raunchy magazine is known for its edginess, celebration of partying and sex, but has been slammed for using a naked teenage girl to sell its product. Even though Ella’s modesty is preserved by a crossed leg, with one arm covering  her breasts, the photo shoot has attracted a wide range of criticism.


Local MP Justine Elliot, a mother herself, said: ’I think photographs like  these are inappropriate, particularly when the young woman is only 16.’ Stab writer Michael Jennings says in his article about Ella how a girl that age  represents a danger to the adult male: ’They are moving into womanhood and they  know it.

’They dress older, sneak into clubs and are easily mistaken for adults...You  can leer at the 16-year-old as you would an adult woman, so long as you’re  ignorant.

’Once you become aware of their age, you must look away.’

The prize included being represented by Sydney-based modelling agency Chic Management.