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Flamboyant cricketer Sreesanth

According to the flamboyant cricketer’s friends, Sreesanth is not bogged down by the dreaded illness. "He is  his usual, chatty self and is in touch with family and friends all the time.





As cricket players are provided with lots of security, Dhoni was not allowed to meet his hotel room - girl friend Lakshmi Rai, when he came to Chennai few days before.

Dhoni came to Chennai to see the situation here as he was preparing to lead and play test match against England. He has intoduced Lakshmi to Srishant, it seems. He is known to help other boys in his team to get entertained through this female.

It was Lakshmi Rai who shared herself with cricket player Shreeshanth and the news came out when the staffs of the hotel had a live show of both sharing with each other. It was bussiness for Lakshmi Rai, who used to be girl friend of Prakash Rai in her non-business hours.



Now, Shreya is said to be dating with Shreeshanth! For both of them its just sharing, but for gossipers, they consider this relationship as deep love?

What does Shriya comment on this? Actress Shreya today denied rumours that she was in love with cricketer Sreesanth. A section of press had carried reports that the actress was romancing the ’temperamental’ Indian cricketer for some time. A couple of days ago, the two took part in a fashion show in Mumbai.

It was alleged that the two had dinner and left in a car together. However, when contacted, Shreya denied the reports as rumours.