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Caught on Camera: Girl Performs Dangerous Stunt as She Hangs From a Mumbai Local

September 3, 2018: Mumbai local trains witness a lot of things every day -- an uncontrollable crowd, people falling off, and people pulling off impressive maneuvers through the platform to actually get onto the already-moving train. But, it doesn’t witness stunts on board.

A video showing a girl hanging out of a door of a Mumbai local train, performing stunts, has started making the rounds on social media.

In the video, the girl can be seen holding onto the rod right by the door with her hand - the rest of her person is outside the door. She balances simply by placing one foot near the bottom edge of the rod and then swings herself to-and-fro from the rod.

After the train station approaches, she jumps off the train and disappears - while the train is still fast moving. The video was recorded in the middle-coach of the first-class compartment.