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Brutally Honest Swara Bhasker: I Know People Think I Must Be Wild...

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Mumbai, Jun 08, 2018 : Did you really expect that Veere Di Wedding will be a success? I had a gut feeling that it will do very well. It expresses the youth feeling of the young urban, I didn’t expect a double digit collection on Day 1 though. I thought it would be Rs 6 crore at best. Kareena and I were betting, we both were nervous, even Kareena felt that it would be around Rs 6 crore on the first day. We surely did not expect Rs 10.7 crore. But we cracked it!


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Do you have friends like the ones you had in the film?
I don’t know anybody like Sakshi. I was scared of plating the super bitch, excuse my language. So I told Rhea and Shashanka (Ghosh, director) that let’s not make Sakshi a cardboard of a superb bit**. Like I remember I had a scene where a chowkidaar tells me that you can’t park your car here or he’ll puncture my car, and I shoot back: Kar de puncture, karke dikha, jala dungi tujhe.
So while I have crazy friends, and I myself am a bit crazy, I really didn’t have an exact reference point to build my character. Well, we all have had our misadventures, young age brings recklessness and the urge to explore- you know how it is. I just started observing the people around me more closely with whom I interacted, picked up a few traits from here and there aur ho gaya...
Did that chowkidaar scene get cut after you gave your inputs of not making you a caricature of a super rich bit**?
Nope, it was deleted in editing. Don’t we all shoot more than what is finally put up on display?
swara bhasker when her work is being criticised


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A couple of film critics felt that the 4 characters were contrived...
I don’t think so. The spirit of friendship was so warm and genuine. But anyway, I didn’t feel bad about whatever they said. I may not agree with them but I can’t stop them. Each one of us is entitled to his/her opinion. No film can be praised by 100 per cent people. Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore it (pauses). I just get paranoid if my work is criticised.

Veere Di Wedding has registered a victory, in my opinion--- because it has started a discussion. Pink was the last film I remember that started a discussion...
Yes. Whenever women do anything unexpected, they start a discussion (smiles).
Veere Di Wedding
Especially in our country...
I think everywhere in the world.


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Yes, we are a lot less forgiving towards women than we are to men. A man can hit a girl and abuse her--- and it will pass off as angst.
We had a decade of brilliant cinema of the angry young man. We had a character called Bunny in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani who didn’t know till the end whether he loves the girl or not. We had a Sid who didn’t know what he wanted in life. Will we grant that confusion to a heroine? No, simply because she is a girl.So, did this highly opinionated girl Swara Bhasker ever fight with her parents? Was she a rebel in childhood?
Who doesn’t fight with parents? I also fought a lot with my brother. I wouldn’t describe myself as a rebel because I am very close to them. I never lied to them about even my boyfriends, even if they got upset.
I remember seeing lots of films on DD, which commonly had an unwed mother. So, I always kept my parents in the loop even when it came to my boyfriends. So, you were basically scared that...
(Interrupts) Listen, now I understood that what biology is. Aisa nahin hoga. I am talking about the time when I didn’t know... you know what I mean.
I am so proud of my parents, they are my spine.Did you ever get into trouble?
Many times for bunking classes. But I was a good student and teachers loved me. Lekin haan ek baar ek teacher ne principal ko complain kiya tha that I was sitting too close to a boy during lunch breaks.

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You must have done that deliberately...
Well, we were sort of dating. Lekin us time pe dating kya tha? Sirf ek doosre ke saath baithkar khaana khaate.

And then? What happened in the principal’s cabin?
The teacher had told the principal that I was in the guy’s lap.I was shocked. I argued with the principal and told him that it hadn’t happened like that. I also told him that the guy in question should also be called and reprimanded. Why only me?

Swara if you don’t mind, can I say that largely, the people sat up and took notice of you only after you wrote that letter to Bhansali, which became the talk of the town?
Well, that’s your individual opinion.