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Anand Mahindra ’Discovers’ 5-Year-Old Football Prodigy from Iran and Twitter is Floored

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May 21, 2019: Anand Mahindra has struck again on Twitter, this time with an adorable video of an Iranian boy playing football.


Anand Mahindra...

Just a few days ago, the businessman had shared a video of a girl galloping on a horse in Kerala on her way to giving an examination. And now, an Iranian boy seems to have caught the Mahindra Group chairman’s eye.

Mahindra wrote on Twitter that he ’found’ the video on his
#WhatsAppWonderbox", a hashtag he often uses whilst sharing such unusual content. The video was of a 5-year-old Arat Hosseini, a football prodigy from Iran who is famous on the Internet for his mad skills with the ball.


"When I first saw this in my #whatsappwonderbox I thought it was a little girl & was amazed," Mahindra wrote on Twitter. "Then trawled the net & it seems it’s really a 4 yr old Iranian boy! I’m still impressed by the way! Enjoy..."

The two minutes 20 seconds long video has the little boy showing off some insane skills with the football. Trust Anand Mahindra to trust some of the coolest talents on the internet. In fact, not just spotting them, Mahindra also usually follow sit up with solid financial help so that those with talent can grow. For example, when he found the video of a Dr Narsi Ram, a "shoe doctor", he made sure he found the person and sponsored a sop for him.

And now, it seems this kid is surely going to make it big with the ball as well. And judging by his popularity (the kid has over 2 million followers on Instagram), the 5-year-old is already quite the football star.