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V Ponnuraj - A DC for the people

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Mangalore, Feb 6: Straightforward, upright, disciplined, dedicated and hard working. Probably  these words can describe the present Deputy Commissioner of DK District V Ponnuraj. There is no doubt that the district is having a sincere and dedicated DC after a long time, probably after Bharatlal Meena who served as DC here several years ago.


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Soon after taking charge Ponnuraj  through his action had made it clear-that he would not tolerate flouting of rules by anyone. His words were translated into deeds, when he soon took steps to clear all footpath encroachments on the busy State Bank area in Mangalore.
He has been a deputy commissioner who has always tried to feel the pulse of the people and even reassured people that he was there with them whenever there was any problem. The DC by giving a mobile number on which public can contact him even brought in a sense of security among the people.

He is always there whenever there has been any complaint regarding any government project.Recently, he had been to Bantwal where there were complaints that the underground drainage project works were unsatisfactory.

He won wide acclaim yet again when under his leadership, the administration mercilessly and unhesitatingly brought down all illegal constructions that had come up on the Someshwara and Sasihitlu beach fronts, in the name of guest houses or beach houses. The buildings worth crores were demolished despite ardent pleas from its so called owners. The act was without any fear or favour. The Deputy Commissioner’s act won him commendation for this was the very first time that the authorities took pains to raze to ground illegal constructions, when so far they have been only targetting the poor roadside vendors or petty shopkeepers. Following this latest demolition drive on beach fronts, there has arisen a demand that the DC also took steps to initiate action against the several illegal constructions in Mangalore. He is a deputy commissioner who is more accessible to the people and believes that any action should be taken after duly taking the public into confidence and even acts accordingly.

Recently, he even took a tour of several parts of the city particularly those areas where the road concretization works are underway and instructed that works be expedited and completed at the earliest to avoid any further inconvenience to the public. He also made it a point that there can be no compromise on the quality of the work. The DC also assured the public that any problem that might have arisen in any of the projects, would be looked into by experts who would take every possible step to solve the same. The DC also hinted that the MG Road one of the prominent roads of Mangalore, would shortly be widened. Here it is noteworthy that this place has been witnessing frequent traffic blockades.

The DC who also visited the Carstreet which is to be widened and said shopkeepers on either side of the road have agreed to let land for the widening. He even held talks with locals on the project. Probably, this is the very first time, that the people of Mangalore have seen their DC on the roads and mingle freely with the masses, seek their opinion as well as their views, while pointing out to them that their cooperation was a must for the  effective implementation of any government project.

The DC’s visit to the Bunder area, where scap material dealing is at its highest and also encroachment of road,  has also been widely acclaimed. The DC during his visit requested the scrap traders not to encroach the road by spreading the scrap items further narrowing the otherwise quite wide roads. As it is the religious minority group which is running majority of these scrap shops, none of the authorities earlier had dared to visit the area to make a request to clear the encroachments. But DC Ponnuraj has taken the right initiative in his endeavour to clear all roads of the city of encroachments. The DC also asked the scrap dealers to cooperate with the administration or face action.

Dakshina Kannadigas are extremely  pleased to have a DC with a people friendly approach who rises to the occasion whenever time needed. It’s only when we have such sincere and hard working officers that we can see a lot more improvement. He is indeed one of the best Deputy Commissioners the district has ever seen.