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Mangalore, September 3, 2010: Entrepreneurship is a quality that is gifted to very few people who have been able to emerge successful in their field. In Ronald Colaco we not only have one such successful NRI entrepreneur who is not just an entrepreneur, but also a well-known philanthropist and a social activist.


Ronald Coloco

Mr. Ronald Colaco

An NRI since 1974 and based in UAE and Bangalore, Colaco has been associated with the European multinational companies involved in the turn key projects like construction and building of airports, townships, petro-refineries, gas process and reinjection plants etc. in various middle east countries. His expertise in the field has brought to the fore an extensive knowledge of international standard town planning, utilities, construction and undulating landscape, making the two residential layouts (townships) constructed by his firm Continental Builders and Developers, aesthetically pleasing.

One of the prominent leaders of the Catholic community, Ronald Colaco having his roots in Mangalore is presently one of the leading real estate barons in Bangalore who is involved in famous projects like Hollywood Town and Swiss Town Development.

His activities are not just concentrated around his business as he is also a social activist and a great supporter of cultural events and artistes in Karnataka. A major contributor towards charity projects, Colaco has always been in the lead in helping deserving students, schools etc.He is compassionate towards the poor and the downtrodden, understands their problems and contributes his mite for their upliftment.

At a time when we have leaders who pat their own backs claiming themselves to be true secularists, in Colaco we have an exception as he has practiced secularism in the true sense. And that he did by contributing to places of worship of different communities. It is in this respect he stood apart from the rest of the so called secularists, as his philanthropic and charity activities are not confined merely to the Catholic community. It is therefore, he has earned a name as a man for all religions. He is ever willing to donate for any good cause, be it the construction or renovation of temples, churches or mosques or any other organization and houses for the poor. It never matters to him as to whom he contributed until the cause is genuine. The blessings and good wishes of all those who benefited from Colaco have always helped him and continue to inspire him to serve the society much better.

Colaco’s first contribution was in 1991 that too towards the construction of the Venkatramanaswamy Temple in Bangalore. Subsequently he has contributed to various Hindu temples including eight temples in Devanahalli thus practicing secularism of the highest order. “I believe in such activities because they promote communal harmony and ensure peaceful co-existence among people of other faiths,” says a humble Colaco.

Colaco has also been extremely helpful to the student community and is a generous donor towards the educational field. His advice to students is to view education as a means of empowerment. He has always been in the forefront in helping needy students.

The Konkani Catholic Association has honoured him for his valuable contribution to the society.

As a leader of the Federation of Karnataka Christians’ Associations, Colaco has strived for the development of the community and has various programmes to promote political and leadership awareness among members of the Catholic community in the state. He also aspires to see members of the community come up in the political forefront by contesting elections to various bodies.

Men and leaders like Ronald Colaco are rare in this material world where every individual wants to amass more wealth for himself and his family without even thinking for a second that he has to contribute in return at least a part of his earnings to the society. At a time when casteism and communal strifes have become the order of the day, the service and charity works of Colaco, irrespective of caste or community affiliations are like a silver streak in the dark.