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Marijuana a Desireable Option in Palliative Care?

End-of-life care is one of the less frequently discussed uses of medical cannabis and palliative care is perhaps the area of medicine that would most benefit from its clinical use, writes Dr. G. Shreekumar Menon

An Outsider’s Perspective on CAA

When an issue becomes ultra-politicized in a society, even the well-educated can become caught up in the tsunami of public opinion and lose perspective, writes Alexander Caro

Shocking ‘words of wisdom’ from Indian gurus and Hindutva brigade

There is no dearth of ‘ancient wisdom’ in India, but the sheer number of self-styled ‘godmen’ issuing controversial statements has been astounding in recent years.

My ‘LAIKA’ Moment!

A few morbid thoughts on life, death and less important things. By Mahesh Nayak

Hemp Cultivation Can Alleviate Farmer Distress

The illegal narcotics trade can be held at bay if the agriculture/industrial sector is made aware of the commercial benefits of Hemp, writes Dr. G. ShreeKumar Menon

Acacia Trees destroying the balanced ecology of DK, Udupi districts and the Western Ghats

Acacia Auriculiformis trees destroying the balanced ecology of the Dakshina Kanada, Udupi Districts and the Western Ghats, writes Dr. Claret D’Souza

Using Artificial Intelligence to Change the Future of Drug Addiction Treatment & Narcotics Detection

The last decade has witnessed increasing application of artificial intelligence in various fields. As a society, we are faced ..

If I remain alive…Mahatma Gandhi’s prophetic words before Godse shot him dead

There had been at least half-a-dozen attempts on Mahatma Gandhi’s life, beginning 1917. There were attempts to poison him

The Mangaluru Smart City Doodle - PROTEST ZONE KUDLA 2020

Mangaluru City Police is admittedly out of its depth in handling citizens’ protest and also trigger happy these days...

Empowering Indian Women - Nursing Profession Can Be a Game-Changer

The government needs to rethink its decision about GNM course, as also revise the whole gamut of nursing education, writes By Dr G ShreeKumar Menon

Music at Christmas and gifts on trees, the traditions - 2019

Merry Christmas and everlasting CHRISTMAS peace, joy to all our readers Mangalore Today viewers around the world.

Swachh Bharat - Mission impossible

No matter how best the authorities and NGOs try to promote Swachh Bharat, such initiatives will be short lived and bound to fail if people continue to be irresponsible and unconcerned, writes Harsha Raj Gatty

Kratom - an emerging drug of abuse

Kratom is now emerging as a recreational drug of abuse in the Western world, writes Dr G ShreeKumar Menon

MCC polls in November: Who next?

The historically significant port city of Mangaluru is crying for a farsighted approach in urban planning.

Political expediency to destroy Sharavathy and Kali river valleys

Are the state and Union govt. truly interested in the legitimate interests of all sections of our society as against the business interests of few corporate houses, writes Shankar Sharma