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Some take drugs because they are Depressed, others are depressed because they take drugs

Corrective steps need to be taken at the national and state level to preserve the integrity of society and protect upcoming generations, writes Dr G Shreekumar Menon

The Angry Himalayas X: Extending theatre of conflict to South China sea

Any Chinese misadventure in the Himalayas will be a costly gamble. No doubt, both countries will be affected if ever a conflagration breaks out, writes Dr. G. Shreekumar Menon

Anthony Ashram in the city grows a classic museum

When in Mangalore, one should not miss a good opportunity to visit this  unique new museum, writes I J Saldanha Shet

The Angry Himalayas- Part IX: Seismological Armageddon in the Making

Time and again India is caught napping and the enemy is repeatedly surprising us, writes Dr. G. Shreekumar Menon

The Angry Himalayas Part-VIII: Proliferating Chinatowns - Threat to Global Security

It will be prudent on the part of nations to discourage setting up of new Chinatowns, the existing ones also need to be redeveloped and made multi-cultural, writes Dr G Shreekumar Menon

The Angry Himalayas-Part 7: Will Modi make Xis China Dream into a China Nightmare?

If India were to encourage by way of tacit connivance, drug-trafficking via Tibet and the Xinjiang region, the Chinese will have to confront the spectre of their dark and humiliating past...

The Angry Himalayas Part VI: Eight Nation Alliance Crushes China in 1900

If in 1900 it was the Eight Nation (Nine Nation) alliance that humbled the Chinese, then a 21 nation alliance in 2020 can effectively thwart the aggressive designs of the Chinese Dragon...

The Angry Himalayas - Part V: The Incredible Story of Looty the Pekinese Toy - Dog

Looty’s isolation in the Palace holds important lessons for nations of the world facing China’s aggressive expansion designs, writes by Dr. G. Shreekumar Menon

Can Business Survive Covid-19 Crisis: interview with Mahabaleshwara M. S.

Mangalore Today spoke to leading lights of business and industry to analyse the situation and gain their unique perspectives on the way back to recovery and growth.

Has COVID-19 pushed us to the Edge of Chaos?

By now, it is sure, COVID has pushed us to the ‘Edge of Chaos’ to come out of our complacencies and inefficiencies

The Angry Himalayas - Part IV: Is It time for Opium War III?

Globally there is fear and anxiety about Chinese secret aspirations and intentions. Many countries are seriously contemplating an economic boycott of China, writes Dr G Shreekumar Menon

The Angry Himalayas Part III: Opium Wars - How China Lost Vladivostok to Russia

Indians should start dissecting History and learn why there were losses, how the losses occurred and the trauma suffered by our ancestors at the hands of barbaric invaders, writes Dr G Shreekumar Menon

Corona Cannon: A device can neutralise coronavirus, make public places safer

Shycocan Corona Cannon: A Made-in-India device can neutralise coronavirus, make public places safer

The Angry Himalayas-Part II: Tibet Needs a Warrior - Monk or Dob-dobs

Is it not time for India to resuscitate the Tibetan poppy hills? Is it not time to galvanize the Khams to revive the Opium trade and subject China to Opium War III?

THE ANGRY HIMALAYAS - String of pearls vs Garland of Opium

India needs to rekindle the memories of the Opium Wars in the Chinese, writes Dr. G. Shreekumar Menon