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Kerala Floods: Sow wind and reap whirlwind

Our misguided concepts of development and progress are threatening our very existence, writes Dr. G. ShreeKumar Menon

Ibn Al Mujawir’s Hanuman Tunnel

Countries around the world while transforming into multi racial and multi religious democracies are also facing the heat of social unrest and conflicts between various religious groups.

Geriatric care: Mangalore strikes a fine balance

Old Age Homes and other assisted forms of living came with all sorts of misconceptions -the most popular one being that the children are uncaring and  had ‘dumped’ their elderly into a Home...

A ’Murder’ in a Mutt or Death by Vices? Udupi is Groping in Dark For Answers in Shiroor

The mysterious death of a seer at a Udupi Mutt last week is now being alleged a murder and things are getting murkier..

L’affaire - Ashu & Yiju of Mangalore

This love story that bloomed in Mangalore is even older, than the first detailed description of Mangalore, by traveler historian Ibn Batuta, in 1340...

Change Bureaucracy Change India

In its penultimate lap before its term expires the Modi government has announced a bold initiative of “lateral entry” into the well insulated bureaucracy, writes Dr. G ShreeKumar Menon

In Nagpur, Pranab Mukherjee shows Congress how to challenge RSS’

The Congress should be proud of Pranab Mukherjee. Even its criticism and distrust of Mukherjee could not take the Congress out of the former president in his speech...

P. Chidambaram wants Modi to become a magician and cut petrol price by Rs 25

Under UPA,  when crude oil prices averaged $132 per barrel in July 2008 (it was during that month Brent reached a historic high of $147/b) petrol price was just Rs. 50.62 per liter.

Karnataka elections show voters don’t care about issues like corruption, price rise

The Karnataka election results bring the principle of bounded rationality in Indian politics to the fore once again, writes Rakesh Kotti

A Mixed Fried Rice Of Politics: Dakshina Kannada Today

Coastal district of Dakshina Kannada which stands at a threshold of a mixed mindset, confused and not convinced with any of their leaders who have led them to this state of affairs, writes Srinivasan Nandagopal

Welcome initiative towards maximum voter participation

Amid the hustle and bustle in the political sphere, the clamour over tickets, the dissidence, the differences, allegations, counter allegations and political outbursts, the District Administration on its part is decisively making all arrangements for the smooth conduct of free and fair polls.

The Don Who Made Two Empires to Clash

If we were to name just one missile as ‘Sassoon’ it would be a constant reminder to our enemies, about their bête noire, who once brought them to utter ruination, writes Dr G ShreeKumar Menon

Easter, after Good Friday

Suffering is part of the natural order for humans in this universe. At all levels in nature we see the struggle for survival, growth and decay

Shocking acquittal

Mangaluru is certainly not happy with the acquittal of all the accused in the pub attack case of 2009. People fear it would only further embolden the vigilante groups that have been unleashing terror over the years.

Mangalore in Kowloon

A ship named ‘Mangalore’ had played a crucial role in the Battle of Kowloon, which was fought between British and Chinese ships off Kowloon, China, on 4 September 1839