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By Mohammed Mobeen Ahmed
Mangalore, April 27, 2012: What the above picture well illustrates a Woman?  Or how the above picture well describes Women? Is this the woman we imagine full of Chastity?

Modernity and modernism have exploited a woman and stripped her in the pretext of Fashion and Style. Projecting as art the artists are making a mockery of the womanhood and promoting vulgarity to the core. The Woman Liberalization Organization who are fighting for the women getting exploited and suppressed have become mute spectators. When a woman herself is surrendering to the exploiters what the woman organization can do? Have they ever raised word of protest against the movie? Then for what they fighting for? To get stripped and exploited. Woman who are running the organization are not a parent? Can’t they understand the need of the hour that demands?


Dirty Picture

Whatever happens it is for the good. Thus goes the saying and we have been hearing since our childhood and it bares relevance even in today’s context. The halting of the film has sent ripples in the industry and in the hearts of those who made the film. There was a outburst on the decision of I & B Ministry to refrain from screening who came out with a most silly and idiotic statements sepulchrally. “The Dirty Picture” running into trouble waters was certain. The nature and the kind of film it is definitely not a stuff to be shown on TV which is easy accessible to all.

What is ironical? Or to telecast a film like “The Dirty Picture” or refrain it from being viewed? “The Dirty Picture won three National Awards and the ceremony is in a week’s time. Is it not ironical that the film is not being allowed to air on television?” quipped Balaji Motion Pictures CEO Tanuj Garg. Yes. In fact, it is not necessary and must that a film which has won three awards and a ceremony should be telecasted despite the content is objectionable and unsuitable for children to be viewed. “On one hand the government commends our work and on the other tells us that the film is not fit to be viewed by the country’s citizens?” Luthria added. Certainly, what is good is to be appreciated and what is bad is to be discouraged. When the film people lose their senses in making the film it is a must for the government to interfere.

The Dirty PictureIt is surprising why so much fuss is being created over the telecast being refrained. The Information and Broadcasting Ministry has stopped only from being shown during the day and evening time. But it has allowed to be telecasted after 11. P.M. The CBFC emphasizing that film despite being granted a ‘U/A’ certificate, it is over to the parents to decide whether any children below 12 years of age should watch the movie. The Censor Board underlined that the film contains some visuals and dialogues which makes it “unsuitable” for children watching it without parental guidance.

Hearing the ban of the film from being telecast, the director was left with nothing but to retort. He was shocked. “I don’t know what is happening in this country! How can they do that? To make the film fit for TV viewing, we re-edited it with 59 cuts and even obtained a U/A certificate from the censor board.” Whatever is happening in this country is for the first time and it is a good happening. To make it transparent, after all the censorship, 59 cuts and editing out almost nine minutes of content ‘The Dirty Picture’ is still not good for television viewing.  It is not cut that matters. The content which is objectionable and unsuitable to watch. The Balaji Motion Pictures should understand by now that they should not get motivated and rather be dejected to produce films like “The Dirty Picture”.
The director points at the reality shows which contain all kinds of contents that is unfit for viewing by the children. But it must be understood that the reality shows and the “The Dirty Picture” cannot be compared since both are different in content and nature. Watching the channels and reading stories on murder and kidnapping is different from the ‘The Dirty Picture’. Among all this mess from where the democracy popped up? Democracy doesn’t mean that all shit can be produced and thrusted on the viewers irrespective of their liking and suitability. There is moral and social values that people care the most what if they don’t.

A viewer reacted to the report praising the government for doing good job when asked that after a long time, our government has been provocative enough to refrain a ‘dirty’ film (dirty is not my word, the filmmakers themselves named it) being telecast in day time. If this film would not have been stopped, tomorrow, respected Mr. Mahesh Bhatt would be arguing to telecast his Sunny Leone starrer on the same lines.

The filmmakers always said that they are giving what the people wants. It is clear now from this that stopping of “The Dirty Picture” by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry and Nagpur bench of Bombay High court bares the testimony to what they proclaim. Today the public thinking and taste has  changed. And they cannot be taken for a ride.

A student of the college said “Films medium is strong through which we can change the opinion of the people. Are they doing this? But I remember those days when there were directors who made films with social themes that educated people & maintained moral values of the people. But today’s trend of films and the filmdom are decaying the social & moral structure through bikinis and topless scenes… It is indeed disgrace they are bringing to the nation by producing such films.”

Another person through internet gave is opinion that today there are no movies which can be watched with children barring a few. What is gonna happen after few years I don’t know. God save us….”.

Swati says that it is “Dirty Picture” now then “Rape Picture” then what.  Let them watch this movie with their children. But they have no right to impose this gutter stuff on the nation.

It is clear from the opinion being formed against the movie. With majority of them favor the move for stopping the movie from telecasted over the channel. The decision taken by the I & B is appreciative and a bold step. The reason for the movie becoming so popular is naturally the markets frenzy. Not beyond that. The movie contains full of vulgarity, Cheap Story theme, and this is Vidya Balan’s final choice to survive in Bollywood. To speak truth even today the parents dislike to watch the cleavage of Vidya Balan enacting a B Grade sleaze bombshell sleeping around with everyone just trying to salvage her career.

Ekta Kapoor and vidya balanEkta Kapoor ! ooof! Not speak of her. She has become a nuisance by making nauseating films. Her dirty picture has dirtied the mind of young generation.

This is not the end. The Censor Board and the I & B should have a dig at the TV serials. Today even the TV serials have started practicing this. The government has made the child marriage as unlawful. The children are becoming matured before the age. They are exposed to the media so much that that they come to know everything what they have to know after they are matured. The vulgarity is penetrating into the TV screen. Intimate scenes like love scene, kissing scenes and bedroom scenes are so detailed that a child becomes aware of what is happening. Let them be innocence and let not the west overshadow us. Let them be the ‘Song Of Innocence’ as Wordsworth called.  Parents Jago re Jago…..

Let us not be silent watching everything that is rubbish. Raise your voice against….

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Comments on this Article
Deon Dsouza, Mangalore Sat, April-28-2012, 11:08
This just Represent the Hypocrisy of the I B Ministry,Nothing Else..
Madhav Pai, Bangalore Sat, April-28-2012, 11:07
If Politicians can watch porn...its people who need to be blamed who vote for them either irrespective of criminal background they have or money they pose of the vote. Movies like dirty picture should not be telecasted on tv as it imposes bad values on children. Elders need to understand this and watch such movies goin to theaters rather then posing a such debates
Shiv Prakash Shenoy, Mangalore Sat, April-28-2012, 11:06
No matter with the emergence of sunny leone and other porn stars soon there will be porn valley in India. I feel some are aspiring for it to earn quick bucks. If only God existed when all this hell.
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