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‘Youth falling victims to drug abuse’

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Udupi, Aug 14 2018: Renowned psychiatrist Dr P V Bhandary said that youngsters are increasingly becoming victims of drug addiction.

Speaking at an awareness workshop organised by the district police and district journalist association to create awareness about drug abuse, the psychiatrist opined that police should be concentrating on nabbing the culprits who sell narcotics and not the addicted.

He said drug addicts try to find happiness in drugs and in the process they get completely immersed and start seeking happiness only if they consume drugs. He urged the police to create awareness about punishment if people are caught selling narcotics. Consumption of drugs results in release of dopamine which increases the heartbeat thereby keeping the addicted person under an illusion of happiness, he said.

He added that although in the initial stages, youth take to drugs due to either curiosity or even peer pressure, they are eventually unable to give it up as they get addicted.

Addiction increases pressure on the brain and also makes the brain ineffective. A person who is addicted will slowly get into depression and mental illness in the later stages of the addiction.

He added that police and media should increasingly play a major role in creating awareness against the use of drugs.