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TV Star Aditiís maiden visit to Tulunad, special

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June 16, 2018: Television star, Aditi Prabhudeva recently had a memorable visit to South Kanara and she says it was special for two reasons — it was her first visit to this region and also happens to be her first long-distance trip with family. “The last tour we went on was when I was in Class 3,” she says. Naturally then, the television star who is now poised for a career in films was upbeat about this journey and made the most of her three days in Tulunaadu. “My family has been planning to visit Dharmasthala and Kukke Subramanya for years, but I really believe that we visit a place only when it’s truly meant to be.
My time finally came over the weekend,” says Aditi.

The first stop was at Dharmasthala, where the family stood in the queue for two hours to get a glimpse of the presiding god. “And even in that chaos, there were fans who wanted to take selfies; it was hilarious,” adds Aditi. She even spent some time with the playful elephant of the temple which, she says, was one of the best moments of her life.

“Then it was time to go to Kukke and that is when I realised the abundance that South Kanara enjoys in terms of greenery. The hills were glistening in the rain, the trees were emerald green, the rivers were overflowing. At one point, there was water skirting the windows of our car,” says Aditi.

At Kukke, the family performed the Ashlesha Bali and the actor says the vibrations she felt were goose bumps inducing. “That’s when I realised why the temples of South Kanara are spoken about so much. They resonate with a whole different vibration. I haven’t felt this fulfilled in a long time,” she states.

On the return journey, Aditi stocked up on jackfruit chips, farm-fresh honey and banana chips. “And mothers being mothers, mine went and bought all the sambhar masalas and coconut oil in the store,” waves bye.