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At Shamshodhan dynamic models on display.

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 Shree Devi Institute of Technology inaugurated a project exhibition titled ‘Shamshodhan’, with the theme of creativity and innovation. A total of 69 dynamic models were displayed. 

Vijaya Vishnu Mayya T, national vice president, Association of Consulting Civil Engineers, in his inaugural address, said, "Engineers can make a huge difference by contributing to find better solutions for society. It is not just the degree that matters but the attitude of the person that leads him to greater heights."

He said that there is no alternative to working hard and making constant efforts to create new solutions.

“One should accept challenges, but they should also prioritise what needs to be done. The human mind is capable of delivering whatever it conceives in its thoughts,” he said.

He also said that more than being an engineer, one needs to be a good human being first and then be a role model. Good people bring happiness and bad people bring experiences in life.

He reiterated that the order of priority should be their health, life partner, third to be loyal to friends and the last priority should be money.

Chairman A Sadananda Shetty said students should take maximum benefit of such opportunities to nurture their talents and thoughts. He said that exhibitions of this sort would help to apply the knowledge received and understand requirements of people in various walks of life. Students need to understand everyday problems, and to bring a smile to a common man’s face, one should find and apply innovative solutions.